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  • ddbikessamsara ddbikessamsara Apr 17, 2014 3:20 PM Flag

    Reasons to buy

    52 week low when a) tons of equipment installed at both facilities - Lufkin and Rochester b) capable , experienced manufacturing management at the helm now. c.) Kodak's unparalleled expertise in printing technologies d.)huge market opportunity for the products e) low share count will generate huge share price appreciation because the EPS will be quite large if they achieve good sales volume.

    At this point it seems to be a mere engineering problem to work out the final bugs. The prototypes and concept clearly work or they would not have been able to get the partners on board to begin with. Any engineering problem can be solved and they have lots of sharp people working on it every day.

    I wouldn't bet the farm on it but it certainly worth holding a couple of thousand shares here. The risk / reward is enormous and it is hard for me to see this being a complete scam as the short story goes. Kodak, Intel, and whoever the OEM PC maker is - companies like that are not going to partner up and have their names associated with a scam operation. They have managers who can actually be fired for incompetence - unlike the ridiculous financial press and manipulators who pull their stunts with impunity and no negative consequences whatsoever.

    Engineering problems get solved everyday and it just seems they have to be very close.

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    • One more point: while admittedly from the lab, UNXL did fulfill a small order in Q4. So the tech does work - it's a matter of fixing the mass production issues. And it's a matter of timing. I don't know if 2H14 is really a drop dead timeframe, where ATML and others eat our lunch if we don't deliver, but let's assume it is. I would agree with those pointing to Hawthorne's compensation package as validation that they are probably really close to the kind of yields they want - you don't sell yourself to a lost cause for chump change. If Jeff was just trying to make a quick buck, he would have taken salary and hoped for option grants down the road. And he did run PHTN

      Question is: when do we start seeing the news that really moves the stock? My guess would be the day of the CC or later - the current market action wouldn't support a moderate price move now. We'll drift lower, probably into the 6s, and maybe into the high 5s if the market really melts down ... until we get news.

      I'd normally talk about tute action or coverage... but at these prices in this market, that aint happening until there is news. Not for a stock a good deal below $10, which is kind of a minimum for some of the pros.


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    • I don't think the new CEO Jeff Hawthorne would have taken the job if he didn't think it would work, or already working. He took a low salary with plenty stock options knowing this will work

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