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  • scdekker scdekker Dec 27, 2002 3:36 AM Flag

    What a scam takeover

    ANFI poped up in one of my stock screening searches and it looked like a very interesting stock.

    To evaluate this stock further I went to ANFI's homepage, went through their SEC filings, financial statements, etc., they all looked fantastic!

    Then I go to the news and read about FNF (should have done this first, I know) taking over ANFI and can't believe the rediculously low offer. Then I recall looking at the management page and seeing most are ex-FNF employees.... I now understand the low offer/acceptance price. no DUH!

    ANFI stock holders got sold a bill of goods. FNF literally made out like bandits, but you poor people got taken.

    Boy I hate these underhanded tactics made by management these days.

    Oh well, there are plenty of other stocks out there...

    Don't bother replying. I won't be back on this board again. I'm just venting after wasting an hour doing dd and seeing the small guys getting creamed again.

    Will this crap ever stop?

    Anyway, congratuations on all you longs that got in early this year. You did very well, but the management didn't do right by you.

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    • It has been a nice ride. I may check in once in awhile, but for the the most part, I'm gone too. I sold out yesterday at $15.10. I was in at $12.03, not anything to scream about but at least I leave in the green. Good luck guys.

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      • "...Looks like another good strategic move. Hard to believe the "crying" by the small ANFI holders. The stock they own is higher then it was BEFORE the offer was announced and they still have the opportunity for additional appreciation if FNF should increase in price. Before they cry that FNF could go down as well the reality is that the title insurance stocks move as a group in the same direction. Unbelievable. ..."