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  • chi134431 chi134431 Mar 19, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

    HEY guys start a firm exactly like GV all it takes is a 500 dollar state license & $100,000

    there are NO PATENTS..............NO special info.......competting contractors are in the hundreds with the IBEW............they do merge BUT NEVER AT A PREMIUM.............a buyout could not produced 10 cents...............BECAUSE OF would be at $4 MAX !! ............move on to another 50 cent er already over a dollar.............WAITING on next NEWS [Apr / May] with a 4 PE you know who ...........imo

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    • 100K will buy 1 bucket truck, look at their equipment inventory to see that chi134431 evidently hasn't even driven by a power line. Southeast Power is the only worthwhile holding under the GV umbrella, so if this unit would be sold there would in effect be no GV, so the sell price would have to be so high no one would touch it.

      GV (Southeast power) is sized and positioned to take those one off and incremental segments of transmission construction as long as they continue to play in margins and bid smartly they'll keep going.

    • Better cover you SHORT!!!!

    • Yes that's right half wit and all it takes to start a search engine is rudimentary knowledge of software engineering yet google is fairly safe. I know you are a low information investor but there are a couple key points about the industry. First the level of work these guys do cannot be done with 100k in capital. The required equipment alone runs in the millions. This is even more true for companies like PWR who do work GV couldn't do. Second only someone like you would be dumb enough to hire anyone off the street and give them a 5 million dollar electrical construction contract. This industry is relationship based and one of the biggest tricks is getting in the door with a utility. They have preferred vendors and largely stick with them. I happen to think at these levels GV is quite ripe for a correction but as someone who has been calling the top for the last almost 4 dollars of meteoric rise I would think you would be too embarrassed to post anything in public let alone a mindless low information screed completely detached from objective reality.

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      • Likewise I am out also around 4. I would still like to own it but it is setting up for a sell the news event with earnings. The market as a whole is at nosebleed levels and my sense is there is a lot of hot money chasing GV. That money vanishes with a market correction. Those who say this is a 10 dollar stock could be right but they need a different kind of shareholder to maintain those much richer multiples. I feel a bit sorry for Saplebee. He exited at exactly the wrong time.

      • Good to hear from you Gilead. This board has gone nuts with spammers and idiots alike. I sold a 60% of my shares before this huge run up. I've been in the game to long to go down with the ship. This stock went from a 1.90 when I got wind of it to 2.58 and then took a nose dive down to 1.51. The good thing is I held the other 40% in another account and held on. With this huge volume I think something positvie is going to happen. A new contract ,possible buyout ,don't know purely speculation. The management team has many years experience but yet are still very young. The CEO is 40 been in business since he was 19. Will see how it plays out and good luck to all GV longs

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