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  • idaboyidaman idaboyidaman Mar 26, 2013 9:16 PM Flag

    short story on alpha an entertaining read but please ignore

    she made some entertaining points about backlog but that's it. please reread the press release about that. it clearly states that they have ramped up their business to acquire more contracts in more areas and believe they will replace that expiring backlog by august. who do you believe? the ceo of a company that is working for his shareholders or a short seller, that admits it in her own article. i am buying more tomorrow morning on any weakness,just like i did today. this is one of the highest rated stocks on vectorvest so why not believe them.

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    • Let me tell you why I sold all my shares on Friday. To me this is also a big red flag. I called the company 5 times last week and could not reach anyone. I pressed the last name of CEO and CFO and could not get through. It said name not found. I also tried the investor relation contact again no answer or returned call. I don't like investing in companies where it is almost impossible to reach management

    • Good points ..... all of her "analysis " is based on past performance and returning to just that .That's not how great companies are built , and its rare to get in on one at this point .

    • From reading the statement today about GV, the president Davis see's opportunity going further and plans to gain more business sufficiently. Idaboy what kind of value is vector vest giving GV? Another poster posted that vector vest was giving GV a value of 4.62 about 3 weeks ago. One thing the article does point out is the backlog of 40.9 million down signficantly from 53 the prior qtr. If GV would have announced a contract the stock would be north of 6 in my opinion. GV needs to show investors more income coming in to gain confidence going further. Before that article came out I was expecting a pop from today as alot investors took profits and ran. Will find out tomorrow.

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      • Thank you for the question.Vectorvest has assigned a value of 7.52 before these earnings were announced. There was'nt anything in the earnings report that should have lowered that.They base value on forecasted E.P.S , E growth,profitability, interest and inflation rates.In addition they analyze mathematically relative value, relative safety,relative timing and comfort rates ie downside price resistance.All of these factors make GV the second highest rated stock they follow. I have owned this for awhile and looked for this earnings report to confirm my desire to buy more and here it is. Lets buy more tomorrow ad blow these short sellers out quickly.

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