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  • zorah28 zorah28 Mar 28, 2013 10:21 AM Flag

    Goldfield Corp Press Release

    I don't get it ... Goldfield Corp has had nothing but great news. Not to mention they just announced their record Results for 2012. Why is everyone selling?? What am I missing? Is one little article really enough for you to throw in the towel. Geez if everyone really gets swayed so much by one article (which is only an opinion by another person just like you) then I think Goldfied Corp needs to put out thier own article, they owe it to their investors.

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    • Zorah heres the ticket. Did GV hit peak earnings? When is GV going to announce a contract? I've been in the game and I remember back in the late 90's I had a oil driller and the earnings were best in company history. Over the next 6 months oil came way down and the stock crashed. Earnings came way down. So what I'm telling you unless GV gives some numbers or signs a contract I don't see earnings surpassing 12 earnings. That means a lower stock price. Thats the reality maybe the company has a pipeline of some big earnings which will get stock moving higher I don't know.

    • The fickle market is taking a breather. Key word is sustainable growth. Oh well, thanks to the sellers so I can re- establish a position in this no brainer.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I believe the problem is more in the GV press release than the S. A. articles. In the last paragraph the phrase "meet the challenge" is used. One might infer that there is a big challenge to overcome in generating new business. Personally, I believe it is used more as a figure of speech and should have been left out of the sentence. I've followed GV for many years, and they seem to have a tin ear when it comes to press releases. I sold about 40% of my position in the $5.60's and plan to hold the rest long term. rr

    • Call investor relations. They can answer that question.

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      • askpastor Mar 28, 2013 11:09 AM Flag

        Stock prices are only minimally based on this quarter's or past earnings. The question is what will you do for me next quarter and next year. That being said, I think the reaction to the recent article is somewhat overblown. GV is endeavoring to establish multiple streams (and territories) of income. Until they establish a record of doing that, investing in GV is a gamble not many are willing to take. I dumped this morning after taking a sizable loss.

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