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  • ddbikessamsara ddbikessamsara Jul 9, 2013 12:39 PM Flag


    Eberwein has 350,000 shares he purchased last fall at an average of $1.70 per share. He had a profit of well over $1 million when the stock moved up past $5. He is 20-year Wall Street investment manager/banker veteran. It is inconceivable to me that he would not have sold those shares at those +$5 prices and simply ignored that sort of profit - UNLESS he felt there were greater profits to be had by holding the stock. Same holds true for Sottile who had profits over $10 million on his holdings - yet neither of these guys, NO insiders at all for that matter have sold a single share even when they have been up massively.

    This plus all the other positives - equipment loans, new senior VP exclusively for Business Development, very strong commentary from Sottile - makes me feel they are the real thing here and they will continue to to produce strong revenues and earnings going forward. The telegraph is putting out very strong signals here.

    The market makers have been able to keep the stock down using their typical tactics of walking it down constantly with their relentless 100 share trades and capping the upward moves pretty quickly since it is normally pretty small volume. On a good quarter with good outlook for the remainder of the year the buyers will want in badly and this could double or better easily. The MM's know this and have been accumulating their inventory over the past few weeks as cheaply as they can steal it.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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