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  • geeewubush geeewubush May 10, 2007 12:10 PM Flag

    Millions in losses

    Since our inception in 1997, we have incurred significant losses and as of March 31, 2007, we had an accumulated deficit of approximately $161.1 million. We have not yet achieved profitability, and do not expect to be profitable in 2007 after considering stock compensation expense. We expect our research and development, sales, marketing and general and administrative expenses will continue to grow and, as a result, we will need to generate

    Maybe they should grant more options for the CEO and CFO to sell. That's just what they need, more stock option expense.

    Why don't they just sell the company.

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    • this company will be sold and at a $10 premium minimum....IMHO

    • cramer pumped this stock a few months back and guess what folks.... this one is going down,,,,

    • I love shorts who try to manipulate stocks by either repeating the same mantra over and over again, or by only telling part of the story. In this case it's both. I've watched this for over a year now, and the company consistently does what it says it will do. You can research for yourself, but the company has met or exceeded both guidance and market expectations, every quarter since going public. Not too bad of a record, and the consistent growth in stock price reflects the market's confidence in the stock.

      Since you are interested in the 10-Q published this month, I'll share a couple of other facts from the same document:

      "Results of Operations

      Three months ended March 31,
      (dollars in thousands) 2007 2006 $ Change % Change
      Three months ended $ 33,220 $ 19,685 $ 13,535 68.8 %"

      69% growth in revenues from last year's Q1...not too bad.

      "Operating Expenses
      Sales, Marketing and Administrative.

      Three months ended March 31,
      (dollars in thousands) 2007 2006 $ Change
      Three months ended $ 28,040 $ 21,019 $ 7,021
      Percent of revenue 84.4 % 106.8 %"

      A 22.4% drop in the Sales, Marketing, and Administrative costs as a percentage of revenue. Another good trend...

      "Research and Development.

      Three months ended March 31,
      (dollars in thousands) 2007 2006 $ Change
      Three months ended $ 5,752 $ 3,990 $ 1,762
      Percent of revenue 17.3 % 20.3 %"

      A 3% drop in R&D costs as a percent of revenue. Not that a stock holder would want to see this drop too much, since R&D equals innovation, but it shows consideration toward managing the expense side.

      Oh, and here's your favorite topic, stock-based compensation:

      Stock-Based Compensation

      Three months ended March 31,
      (dollars in thousands) 2007 2006 $ Change % Change
      Sales, marketing and administrative expense $ 2,628 $ 2,789 $ (170 ) (6.1 %)
      Research and development expense 516 812 (296 ) (36.5 %)

      Stock based compensation expense $ 3,144 $ 3,601 $ (466 ) (12.9 %)"

      Did I read that right?! Did they really increase sales by 69%, and decrease stock-based compensation by not only percentage, but by actual cost? (Facetious-tone intended) An increase of quarterly sales by $13.5 million and a decrease of stock-based compensation by $466k, combined with better cost to revenue business trends get much better than that? No answer necessary...I already have it.

      Cover your short, take your loss and either reconsider your investment strategy or stay out all together. Useless attempts to manipulate stock price with either partial information (i.e. the post I'm responding to) or information completely lacking any back-up (your previous post, "the CEO will leave") just serve to annoy those of us trying to manage our investments based on facts and true business/market trends.

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