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  • irishtrvlerrules irishtrvlerrules Apr 25, 2013 10:36 PM Flag

    Dogma I gave you a few chances

    But you wouldn't stop. Your fun is coming and not on this message board.
    You'll know it's me because you'll get the word "This is from Frank".
    Remember that............the next time you hear "this is from Franks" that you fk'd with the wrong guy.
    Take Care

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    • Wow.

      • 1 Reply to compo_rdtrvler
      • The board bully seems to have gotten himself all wound up while i wasn't even on the board.

        Here is a novel idea, stop attacking people while acting like the heel in professional wrestling in your posts and actually write something about the stock.

        Sheer volume of obnoxious posts attacking people while making inflated claims does not really help your case.

        -Lets see independently wealth man of leisure that camps out on the board and posts round the clock
        -Claims to be a great investors while proclaiming that he never makes mistakes.
        -Constantly tries to attack anyone who tries to bring any real conversation about the stock to the board
        -Uses attacks on gender and sexuality to try and belittle posters.

        None of this adds up to a wealthy successful retired business man.

        It seems to add up to someone who is younger with anger control issues feeling that they can treat people on a board in a way that they would never in person.

        The board is not about ownership and I realize that it definitely not the best place to get the information to make a final decision on a stock, but it is a place where some informal information could be found in regards to companies so that people might be able to make more informed decisions in regards to their investing.

        Between the spam , the trolls and the falling traffic, the boards are becoming less and less useful every day.

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