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  • dogma_blade dogma_blade Apr 11, 2014 12:02 PM Flag

    What happened to apple????????

    For 6 months the village idjut bragging about half a million dollars worth of apple shares bought at 526.00

    Then brags about another quarter million yesterday at 522.03 when the stock had already popped to over 526 thin king that the stock must have bottomed.

    Whoops , the stock continued down and now the village idjut is bragging about Wells Fargo being his biggest hold and doing great.

    So 3 quarters of a million in apple, what does that put into Wells, 1 million, 2 million a billion. ROFLMAO

    The village idjut seems to forget that he was bragging about 300 and 400 dollar rips on penny stock shorts every other week and all of a sudden he wants to pretend he is Scrooge Mcduck.

    Go for it dippy as the song says your so much cooler on line !!!!!! LOL

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