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  • Torollin Torollin Oct 10, 2002 4:29 PM Flag

    Great swing today!!

    Wow! Down nearly 4 percent early, only to close up 4%. Dividend time soon! woohoo

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    • Marriot "unsavory practices" ?

      Try looking on the Marriot message board(MAR) Specifically messages 2209 & 2211 for some discussion of this.

      What it all means I'm not sure. What's your take? (anyone)

    • "Marriot as having "unsavory practices"."

      I have eaten at Marriots on occasion and the food isn't all that great. Maybe that is what he meant :)


    • Waynelori., I have been in HPT, VNO and Hr for a very long time. They do go up and they do go down but I do believe they are good companys. I am 58 and semi retired so I as you can not mess up too much. Another one I like is HCP. It is worth looking at. Do your homework and Good Luck

    • Thank you keeladog, and I will look into the HR as soon as I return from our trip to Florida. Here is hoping that the dividend buys a lot of shares. The ex-dividend date is Wednesday, so I suppose that it will be down for a few days, but it shall return as General Mac did. Good investing to you. The Duck

    • Welcome waynelori. I would currently rate HPT a "hold" on valuation and moderate risk. However, you could have done a lot worse!

      My read on HR is that it is somewhat cheaper and somewhat safer.

    • Bought HPT and VNO this morning, first time I've owned either. Will look at HR but these two look good to me as a soon retiree.

    • Thanks dle. I'm glad you're so diversified---that is just so essential. On the few occasions I have broken my own diversification rules i have generally been hurt.

      Ferdiefor did sell part of his position and may for all I know have sold the rest of it. However, he has his own strategy and i wouldn't second-guess it.

      As an income-oriented investor, you might look at HR. It's a wonderful stock with a safe and rising dividend, and I'd buy it anywhere below 30 if you get the chance. Do your own research, of course, but I think you'll like what you see in HR as a workhorse yielder.

    • keeladog, I have been reading your postings, along with ferdiefor, and many of the other longtime holders of HPT, and I couldn't agree with you more. I have been holding stock in this great company for two years now, using the DRIP program for all that time in my IRA, and taking the dividend from the holdings in my wife and my family trust to suplement Social Security since May, 2002 dividend. Although we have a total of 28 stocks in our portfolio, including the IRAs and trust, the HPT DRIP program is without a doubt the best performing stock in overall return we own. The MSFT, WAG, PEP, and WMT are great stocks, but I will gladly hold this stock for the wonderful income it provides. The Duck

    • OK, let me rephrase. Ever since I bought lo these many years ago, I have been plastered by sell recommendations, because a big reversal in HPT's fortune's was said by many to be imminent.

      Note that, during the period I have held, the stock has already cycled up and down several times. Why should I fear another foray into the 20s?, even the low 20s? I'm willing to ride the waves with any solid stock.

      Don't get me wrong: Your argument is entirely rational. It makes great sense. But as a long-term holder, my perspective is different from yours.

    • but the blush is off the rose; there isn't much room upside anymore
      sure, anyone who bought this at 18 made a shitload of money
      but at this price, all the good things are already in the stock, and the weaknesses, or actually the risks, are not yet in the price.

      particularly, the whole ability of this hotel stock to hold up will soon be tested - its tenants must be hurting badly; they've absorbed their first year of losses themselves, but unless the hotel business turns around soon, there will be defaults on rent from the weaker sisters. or, HPT will have to eat some of their weakness by lowering or deferring a portion of the rental revenues so as to keep their tenants in business.
      Sister company SNH went through this catharsis 2 years ago and it beat the stock to hell; here, there is obvious downside to the mid or low 20s, and the upside is somewhere around 37

      there has to be a point where the risks outweigh the rewards

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