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  • genericpurchase genericpurchase Oct 16, 1999 12:29 PM Flag

    now we have our own board TOO

    How do you all feel about TOO's prospects? I'm
    intrigued that its niche of preteen girls does not have
    tons of competitors like say the teen market itself.
    Do you think flying solo improves its chances or was
    it better staying under LTD? I think so though only
    drawback can see is LTD leasing dept. and legal dept. (led
    by Ally McBeal!?) has been known for striking many
    good lease deals, I presume by offering malls the
    chance to land several tenants (LTD divisions) at once
    (I've noticed LTD stores arriving in malls tend to open
    at once). By moving into their own place top brass
    can no doubt set their own agenda and marketing
    direction and not be directed by another dept. who may not
    stay on top of trends,etc. - and LTD overall simply
    didn't perform well until recently - own IBI but not LTD
    anymore - bought small amount of TOO last week but
    waiting awhile for price to settle before adding more.
    But again, the lack of direct competition a real plus
    (compare to the young contmp. market that only bebe and
    arden B are in). The sky's the limit for TOO - let's
    hope they deliver. Out of breath, my $0.04 - any other
    thoughts? Let's have a good time on this board here! Good
    luck with TOO!

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    • While I don't have a 'tween daughter, many at my
      office do and TOO is a big favorite for them - where
      else to go but dept. stores when too young for reg.
      teen stores? Opportunities when there's little

      Question for you all - given natural price swings for new
      stock and no doubt there's much movement for those
      receiving spin-off shares - what might the expected price
      range once the dust settles? Will be good to hear what
      tech. analys. holding TOO will expect down the road.
      Good luck with TOO everyone.

    • ally_mcbeal_for_pres_2000 ally_mcbeal_for_pres_2000 Oct 30, 1999 3:42 PM Flag

      both of my nieces got their catalogs and squealed
      with delight, poor mom. fun to note that previously,
      many cos. with kids catalogs would mail to parents,
      not to kids (go where the dough is?), but TOO mailed
      directly to the girls and they're putting serious pressure
      to buy more goodies, such as asking mom every five
      minutes to order something. not all clothes either, esp.
      want novelties like face glitter, hair stuff, you name
      it. nice market strategy for us investors, living
      hell for parents. go too.

    • Their boards are split (LTD, ANF and TOO). Only
      two possible connections I see are: 1)Wexner owns
      about 25% of TOO due to his ownership of LTD. He said
      he wasn't selling after the split. 2) ANF still
      leases office and warehouse space from LTD (different
      location than TOO, however). Lease runs through Jan

      I hear that TOO's business got much better after
      their catalog went out, but I can't quantify how much

    • catalog out now!

    • First- thanks to those with some "personal
      experience", luckily for my pocketbook my family (including 12
      year old daughter) live a couple hundred miles from
      the nearest TOO store.
      Jvb- I didn't mean to imply
      any real connection between ANF and TOO (and I've
      owned LTD for years, and have some ANF as well- so I
      know the history), however there are some perceived
      connections (I'll have to check on whether there are any
      shared board members- maybe not anymore). In any case,
      it seems that TOO is doing well with its target
      market, and that indicates good things to come.
      In any
      case- good luck with your investments.

    • What possible connection could you make between
      TOO and ANF? There is NO (repeat NO) connection! ANF
      is a seperate company and has been so since 1996!
      LTD does not even own a piece of ANF. They completely
      divested in 1998.

      TOO's price dip is more tied to
      your first sentence. Most shareholders acquired their
      shares through the spin-off and are now evaluating
      whether or not they wish to hold on to TOO. Similar dips
      occurred with both IBI and ANF a couple of months after
      their spin-off. Both have recovered very well (even
      including ANF's recent woes.)

    • store in the mall that they gravitate towards....Limited Too.

    • All her freinds and my daughter want
      to shop
      at this store. Live in suburban Philly. Bought all
      school clothes at Limited Too. Just received
      catalog in mail last week. Excellent catalog highlighting
      holiday season. It was done as professionally as any
      catalog that we
      receive. Nothing to worry about
      The girls want to shop here and what
      father wants
      to dissapoint his 13 year old.

    • too 10Q from
      Like many of you, I'm in this because of the spin off.
      I suspect that the stock is depressed right now
      because of the ANF legal problems (investors are afraid
      they may run in the "family")- if TOO's books and
      management are clean this may be a great buying opportunity.
      Does anyone have a daughter who shops in their stores?
      We could use a report.

    • I like the idea of TOO but I would have never
      gotten into it if I didn't have the LTD. It has kinda
      grown on me and you-all are right this has a lot of
      upside potential. Also I think the logo will be alot
      better on clothes than some I've seen. "Old Navy" is hot
      with the kids but TOO looks more 2000 and beyond...

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