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  • cern rebound or not .

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    • thurs was good , volume picked up and we are getting closer to breaking the resistance around 19 , i believe volume picks up again today and we get up around 20

    • "if we can grt through 19 on good volume we can go a lot higher "

      Why? Please expain how, why? -ff

    • if we can grt through 19 on good volume we can go a lot higher

    • mistake. Sorry.

      Yes, there IS a big difference between "personal friends" and "knowing personally"; especially in terms of the psycho.

    • Thanks for the corrections, but please note that I said I have known Neal for years, not that he is a personal friend. I doubt he has any...

    • Couple things:
      - It's "Neal" (personal friend for years?)
      - Paul Gorup works there again.
      - Philosophy

      Agree with the rest though...

    • I read this board regularly, and seldom contribute my thoughts. However, I must say that I do agree with you DrPillsisafraud. I have personally known Neil for years. I truly believe his reasons for being in this buisness is for self gain. It has nothing to do with share holders, board members, or certainly not his employees. The Cerner employees are only a means to an end for him. He has absolutely no respect for those who have made the company as successful as it is today. And most of those people have come and gone, particularly in the early stages of the development of the company, i.e., Paul Gorup, et al. His employees are nothing but machines to him - expected to have absolutely no family life and only dedication to the Cerner corporate phylosophy, created by Neil. His tyrades and tantrums are reflective of a sociopathic personality. As a Cerner stock holder, I am not saying all of this just to assault Neil, but to say that it is time. Time for him to go. Time for him to thank his employees for what they have done for him (including Cliff). But that, coming from Neil, will NEVER happen. That is just not Neil's personality. I continue to be amazed that the Cerner Board continues to allow this man to continue to operate as a dictator of intimidation within a company that has so very much to offer. Will it ever stop?

    • Neal's responsibilites are not only to shareholders. Every CEO has a responsibility to employees and maybe even the larger community as a whole. The trick is finding the right balance.

      Having said that....when do you think the board will get serious about replacing him. The business world is full of stories about entrepreneurs that couldn't take their company to the next level. Plain and simple -- it takes different skills and a differing personality to run a maturing business.

      (FYI - Browbeating employees isn't one of the skills you need.)

      He's had his chances, he's failed to deliver on his promises, and it is time for him to go.

    • Yes, you did strike a nerve with me. Why? How can you attach such a derogatory nickname to someone you haven't even met? This 54 year old man and his partners have created a very inovative company that has done well since its inception. Is Neal perfect? Not by a long shot. Does he make mistakes? Of course, who of us doesn't? (but, obviously, you don't) There are many many positive facets to this man so it does offend me that you attach a nickname to him that rhymes with dildo. If you don't have respect for him, at least have respect for what he and his partners have built.

    • not... Probably dead flat through remainder of this quarter +/- $1, sans a revenue restatement which would drop the bottom out of CERN...

      Suggestion 1: Wait until Memorial Day weekend & grab some insider info on financials for Q2... Then, play a stradle position with options...

      Suggestion 2: Purchase on the buy & "mold" strategy -- wait for long term upswing, which could be nice... Past CERN improvement from getting whacked has not been extremely agressive...

      Suggestion 3: Watch the contract awards... CERN's no-discount postion make 'em ripe for being picked-off by competitors during the final sales push -- and the competitors know this -- nice move, Nealdo... CERN must win atleast 1 of 3 new contracts let by HCFs (health care facilities) -- if less, the revenue hit will not be looked apon very favorably... Additionally, HCF revenue streams are being watched very closely -- maybe little money for "new" systems -- or atleast a push in dates for large capital project undertakings...

      Longs, good luck... Shorts, nice play... Best to all...

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