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  • efuddbunnyslayer efuddbunnyslayer Jun 4, 2014 11:48 AM Flag

    A great conversation with Second Cycle guy

    Up front.. I am a stockholder. I'm small time but I get a feeling about this one like I did Force Protection while deployed. I'm in for what I can be. Anyway, I called Second Cycle and talked to a Mr. Willis. He was very helpful with the many questions I had about their products and I asked many. I'm particularly interested in this company's interest in providing pellets for in-home heating furnaces. This involvement into future energy production is where it's at. I personally could care less about the animal bedding and junk. Fuel is the future. Mr. Willis seems to think that their research facilities are what may really interest Kleangas. Their bindings and manipulation of the cohesion of pellets may be, in my opinion, the key to increasing the dependability of energy output in various pellets. Just as I foresaw the need for superior armored vehicles, I foresee the need for coal replacement in this crazy green push. I see a time soon when individual home owners will be receiving entire pallets full of fuel for their furnaces, dropped off right at their garages. Off the grid or wanting to be?... this will be a step towards that. I hope for a time very soon when Kleangas partners with a pellet stove distributor and gets pellet stove/furnace owners "subscribed" to deliveries. This is coming.

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    • self-sufficient states would enjoy pallets of fuel pellets -AK for one. CO, WY, ID perhaps, but def AK and Russia for that matter. .

    • Its technologies include oxy-hydrogen on-demand generators, reverse fuel cells, solar to hydrogen fuel cells, and other products to deliver a clean gas that provides energy savings, emissions reductions of diesel fuel, and other natural gas applications. The company has also licensed patented waste heat to electric power generation technology, which works as a co-generator when installed on a primary electrical generator unit. But, all the company does is waste time and money tying to sell wood pellets made from waste wood at a BIG LOSS!

    • I just wish KGET would starting responding with news!!


    • I swapped email notes with him. Nice upfront guy.


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      • I plan on being patient with this one and only put in what I know I can wait on a few years seeing grow. The big things I note on this one is that it's a developmental company that has just begun to ship orders for real revenue and in a big way. As soon as it sees the revenue, it's moving to expand and grow and with a market that is already seeing large orders. Sooo... I expect to sit here and see not a lot happen for a while on share value until what I expect will happen...happens.... I expect to be sitting on a nice pile of shares when the huge reverse split comes along at the time that leadership decides it's time to pay attention to shareholder value. Till then, I am not going to begrudge a few million shares here and there used to shore up their overall ability to deliver product. I want to see lots of product moving and the move to expand their market access. That..... is what I know will make me some money here. I think that the company needs to put more visual information out there of operations and their new acquisition so that investors can actually see what is going on. I'd like to see the have a little photo series that shows raw material, production process, packaging of product, and shipping with some pretty company gal kissing the pallet goodbye...

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