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  • sunseeds777 sunseeds777 Jul 26, 2007 11:13 PM Flag

    Cairo IL prime spot for a riverboat casino

    Right next to highway going to Missouri. I-57 I believe.

    Also when new river bridge from Kentucky is built will intersect north of Cairo in that general vicinity. This casino would really steal away alot of business from the one in Carutherville which advertises heavily down I-55 (south).

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    • Never made it into the city when I was going to Ukraine. But, I've heard Amsterdam has more museums than any place on earth.

      Nice portfolio of pictures of places you've been.

      Ya know I'm surprised more Chicagoian's don't know it's a lot faster to go to Cairo on I-57 and zip across the Missouri Delta and into the hills of Branson all four laned and 70mph. Though it may be longer in miles it's probably way faster this route because of all that congestion going thru St. Louis.

      Drive it sometime and you'd probably say at about where Cairo is located at is a pretty good location for a Casino Hotel. Cairo's not much of a town right now.

      It's struggling with it's identity. This was once a major stepping stone for Blues players heading north as it was also a major rail head at one time as well as well as riverboat traffic, etc... Their one lone historical blueman named Robert "Mule" Townsend is all they've got. But, I think it's also all the historical homes they've got which are essentially hanging on by a thread - state's got a ton of grants but nobody really wants to move into Cairo because about the only thing that's stabilizing the town economically speaking is the small projects(ghetto), which keep the small
      convenience stores in business. Hence what you've got is a poor town which nobody wants.

      Ideally suited for gaming and prostitution. And maybe a place where there could be a Blues Museum - and I guess if somebody was to really examine Cairo they had a number of Speak easies in that town as well as it was at one time a thriving city which fell on hard times.

      I thought at one time Cairo might be a good location for a Super Max Prison in the down town area but that'd really bring down property values as I'm sure there already about as low as their going to get.

      You what's probably going to happen is one of these days a big barge set is going to get loose from a riverboat and plow directly into one of those pillars and take out the center section of that Cairo bridge, but ironically that bridge has been hit so many times before by barges and the Coast Guard would shut down the bridge for a few hours...

      Wonder how they guage a bridge is safe to use after it's been hit ?

      I guess they just wait a while to see if any errosion on the pilings essentially washes away foundation and then makes the bridge unsteady but if it's built like an erector set that steel work just doesn't give any... I guess that's why their always paint it - to hide the stress fractures.

    • The hotel was an independent when the casino was Players and after Harrah's came to town, they bought it and did upgrade it. When I've had to stay overnight, I prefer to stay in Paducah.

      I don't think too many pass through Cairo when going to Branson. Most Chicagoans take I-55 or I-57 to I-70 and cross the Mississippi with a view of the Gateway Arch. Now there's an engineering marvel. Built in the early '60's by Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel.

      I wonder if Illinois has any money to build a new Cairo bridge after spending all of that dough on the Clark Bridge on US 67 near Alton and the new Emerson Bridge near Rush Limbaugh's hometown. The Emerson Bridge took a lot longer to complete from what I heard.

      If you look at my Webshots page < > in the Road Signs album, I think the 1st photo was taken near the Emerson Bridge. You can confirm by the buildings in the background.

    • Cairo is basically a one blinker light town. I don't think we'll see a casino there anytime soon. I've passed through there a few times when I've had to go between Casino Aztar Caruthersville & Harrah's Metropolis. For you old timers, it used to be Players Metropolis with Telly Savalas (Kojak) as their spokesperson!

      I agree that they need a new bridge as the one there resembles something made out of an erector set I had as a kid. This is another "Y" bridge. Kinda sorta like the one in Zanesville, Ohio

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      • Is the fact that Cairo, IL built that bridge back in the 1930's and if you get the chance into the downtown section of town or what's left of it and go to the customs house/building and check out all those old photos of Cairo in it's prime.

        Course, in downtown section of town with the way the river stages floods during the spring thawl, I would imagine the state might allow for a on land location provide it's downtown where's there ample land available.

        There's not too many photos of the place online, but you ought see some of those historical homes and business. Talk about if somebody did build a casino all those fancy buildings could be renovated and a thriving tourism business could be rebuilt.

        Illinois has essentially gave up on Cairo, but even you can agree there's potential at that location. Plus, I'll bet if there was a Casino built there Amtrak which serves Chicago to Carbondale daily could easily go to Cairo if there was business which warranted the service.

        With that said, the City of New Orleans which runs both North and South on the Canadian National (bought out the Illinois Central RR). I would imagine they could easily put in a train station there.

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