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  • ThreePete ThreePete Jan 19, 1999 1:55 PM Flag

    Thoughts on Colorado Isle of Capri

    Since yesterday was a holiday, and as a test of
    Leo from Italy's contention that a Denver Broncos'
    victory would bring out the gamblers, I drove up to Black
    Hawk to check out the Isle and to see how the
    competition is faring.

    The Isle is the first casino
    you see as you enter Black Hawk, but it will
    eventually lose that honor when the Riveria opens in the
    fall. If one measures impressions by size, the Isle
    will get favorable reviews. Compared to many other
    Colorado casinos, it is large, although one woman said it
    reminded her of a K-Mart.

    The interior is large and
    spacious, a pleasant surprise from the match book casinos
    that frequently occupied turn of the century buildings
    and were smoky, crowded and noisy. The Isle
    advertises itself as the largest casino in Black Hawk, but a
    shuttle driver told me that The Lodge Hotel and Casino is
    larger. Suffice to say the aisles are wide, the size of
    the room soaks up most of the noise and you don't
    choke on cigarette smoke.

    Aside from being
    comfortable, the interior was bland, and one is hard pressed
    to see the Carribean theme. This is not a place
    that's going to get the "you have to SEE this place"
    reactions from gamers. They were probably doing o.k. for a
    Monday p.m. but it was a holiday. There were several
    banks of machines that were unoccupied. I don't play
    much anymore, but when I do, I favor video poker. They
    have a nice selection of vid poker, but nothing that
    blew me away.

    I think the Isle must have
    trouble attracting staff as I had to hunt around for a
    change person. The line for the Cashier's Window
    reminded me of one you would see at an airport during the
    holiday season. And this was for a Monday. That's
    something they'll have to work on.

    primarily is a day tripper's environment and our slot
    players are pretty value conscious. I heard grumbling
    about the mediocre payouts at some of the slots at the
    Isle. With SLOT's Colorado Central Station across the
    street and The Lodge about one block down, I suspect
    we'll see gamers sampling all three. Colorado Central
    Station was pretty busy so it doesn't look like the
    competion from the Isle or The Lodge is hurting them too
    much. The Lodge is by far the nicest of the three
    casinos and was also fairly busy (although I had to
    supply them with a finger print to cash a AMEX
    traveler's cheque-what is the world coming to).

    will be a month or so before we get the January
    statistics from the Gaming Division, but the new larger
    casinos seem to be having a positive impact. November AGP
    year over year was up 19 percent in the state and 20
    percent in Black Hawk. I just wonder if the market will
    grow large enough to handle all of the new supply
    that's coming on line. Time will tell.

    For what
    its worth.

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    • Casino Players � ByVolume

      Kansas City has a lot riding on Trump bid for Flamingo
      Hilton Casino
      By RICK ALM - The Kansas City
      Date: 01/25/99 22:15

      Name a building in New York
      City. There's a fair chance Donald Trump owns it.

      Name a casino in Atlantic City. Ditto.,business/30dab2b3.125,.html



    • ShirleyLovelace-

      ShirleyLovelace> We bought this stock and have debts like others.
      Don't forget to warn us about this stock if you feel it
      is time to get out.

      One personal question;
      are you from West Virginia?

      Liquidity and Capital Resources

      At October 25, 1998, the Company had cash and cash
      equivalents of $56.5 million compared to $44.4 million at
      October 26, 1997. The increase in cash is primarily a
      result of increased cash flows from operating
      activities. During the six-month period ended October 25,
      1998, the Company's operating activities provided $37.0
      million of cash compared to $30.9 million of cash used in
      operating activities in the first six months of fiscal

      The Company invested $53.8 million in
      property and equipment in the first six months of fiscal
      1999, primarily for the development of the Isle-Black
      Hawk, which is currently under construction and
      scheduled to open in late 1998 or early 1999. Additionally,
      the Company has also incurred capital expenditures
      related to the construction of a 305-room all suite hotel
      at the Isle-Bossier City and a 124-room hotel at the
      Isle-Vicksburg, which are expected to open in the spring of 1999.

      Goldstein Family Equity Purchase and Rights

      On March 11, 1996, the Company sold an aggregate of
      1,020,940 shares of its Common Stock, at a price of $5.875
      per share, to Bernard Goldstein, the Chairman and
      Chief Executive Officer of the Company, and three
      members of his family (the "Goldstein Family Equity

      Fiscal Year Ended April 30, 1996
      Quarter.................... 17.50� 13.25
      Quarter................... 16.00� 6.50
      Third Quarter....................
      8.00� 5.12
      Fourth Quarter................... 8.38�

      Insiders are still buying.

      1073 REASONS TO BUY�Jan
      13 1999, 5:40PM EST, ShirleyLovelace
      Wasserstein Perella Securities, Inc. Equity Research Note�Jan
      13 1999, 5:39PM EST, ShirleyLovelace

      ByVolume: At this price it is a turnaround situation. Based
      upon data available we should continue to see a very
      gradual up move. Rest assure the volume will increase to
      nearly 250,000 per day (1% of the float) indicating last
      stage of accumulation. Distribution generally occurs
      with volume exceeding million shares a day. This is a
      general pattern of accumulation and distribution. Looking
      at GLM stock graph, and reading that message board,
      you can see how excited the gang gets, every time
      their stock move up a little. The psychology on our
      message board is just the opposite. Every time stock goes
      down, we all feel it is going back to the bottom. After
      reading above �Liquidity and Capital Resources� the tide
      has changed.

      ShirleyLovelace> One personal question; are you from West

      ByVolume: Yes I am from West Virginia, and I hope to be
      buried there.

      Good luck



    • Thanks for the complement; you must have been
      drinking good vintage wine. My husband insists on keeping
      the lights off! Sometimes I wish I had her bank
      account. You should wonder that when I am through teaching
      school and taking care of my children at home, how I can
      have the time to moonlight as a super model.

      bought this stock and have debts like others. Don't
      forget to warn us about this stock if you feel it is
      time to get out.

      One personal question; are
      you from West Virginia?


      (Cindy Crawford)

    • "ByVolume: In Hong Kong, they use the Oxford
      Dictionary - not Webster�s. Any place where folks gather to
      play cards or mahjong (Chinese game) is called a
      gaming club. Hong Kong is very crowded
      and in the
      evening, folks go to private clubs for recreation. Stocks
      of these clubs are sold in the �B� group and are not
      ADR. These stocks are called �gaming stocks� and can
      be purchased through the International Brokerage
      Branch. ..."

      I am still waitng for Lim

      First: Is gambling legal in HK? The race tracks (two, in
      case BV does n't know) and mahjong clubs, yes. But
      casinos? Those mahjong club are mom-and-po operations.
      Give me names of those that are traded (if any).

      With the Red Chinese influence taking place long
      before the '97 handover and increased trade between HK
      and US in the last 30 years, it has been Webster not
      Oxford a long time ago! Check the news more often, will

      "B" group, what are you talking about?
      Give me some names, if you know any.

      ..Well, there are very, very, very few ADR"S. Maybe HKT

      Anyway, check South China Morning Post
      before post anything about HK stocks.

      BV, I am
      still waiting for Lim Tung to give me some gaming
      stocks traded on te HKSE.


      They used to tell me
      I was building a dream.
      so I followed the mob
      When there was earth to
      Or guns to bear
      I was always there
      Right on
      the job.
      They used to tell me
      I was building a
      With peace and glory ahead.
      Why should I be
      standing in line
      Just waiting for bread?
      Once I
      built a railroad
      I made it run
      Made it race
      against time.
      Once I built a railroad
      Now it's
      Brother, can you spare a

      The customer margin debt (mil $) Nov 138,740.
      (Barron�s January 18, 1999)

      What this means is that
      everyone is up to their neck in debt. Generally the Bear
      Markets start under similar circumstance.

      This is
      a warning for all those who have a lot of margin
      debt and continue to buy on dips. Recent market
      activity is not in a small dip, but it is in a real down
      turn especially for stocks with high PE.

      ByVolume: Historically the markets have proved that even
      the best forecasters are wrong at the top. Abbey
      Cohen & Ralph Accumpura could be wrong. It is your
      money so be careful. Even though I give a rosy picture
      on the ISLE message board, I sell other stocks
      short. On other message boards I am a gravedigger. The
      reason we get these clowns coming to ISLE message board
      is to take revenge with me. Just like there is short
      squeeze, on the flip side there is front running. Brokers
      know from their database that margin players have to
      sell, so they sell before you. In the end customers get
      margin calls.

      I wish you all good luck, but I
      would like you to remain alert. There is no reason that
      anyone on this message board who reads all the
      information provided should lose. If you have to sell mutual
      funds please don�t wait till the last hour. There are a
      lot of complaints from Internet stockholders how they
      are getting wiped out. Many times you may not be able
      to get on the Internet or on the telephone to
      execute your objective to sell securities. Once again be



    • Joan Crawford & Cindy Crawford -

      Matthew by: ShirleyLovelace (27/F/WA) ISLE message 1130
      of 1133
      My husband bought the Capri stock after
      we received a research report from Perella. Even if
      this is not a takeover company, it could still go up
      on earning alone.

      Posted: Jan 20 1999 4:23PM EST as a reply to: Msg 1128 by

      Joan Crawford & Cindy Crawford

      ByVolume: Looking at ISLE message 1123 the person is not an
      Isle of Capri investor. He is from GLM message board.
      He is trying to get over his frustration from the
      losses incurred from other investments. This message
      speaks for itself. It is always wise to show some
      compassion and understanding for them; otherwise we will get
      more stupid and irrelevant questions.


      ByVolume: In Hong Kong, they use the Oxford Dictionary -
      not Webster�s. Any place where folks gather to play
      cards or mahjong (Chinese game) is called a gaming
      club. Hong Kong is very crowded and in the evening,
      folks go to private clubs for recreation. Stocks of
      these clubs are sold in the �B� group and are not ADR.
      These stocks are called �gaming stocks� and can be
      purchased through the International Brokerage

      Let us read the following message:

      message 1798 Pro Charts & Margin Calls � ByVolume
      20 1999, 3:42PM EST, ByVolume

      You can
      evaluate airline and oil-related investments, which are
      not doing well. Please stay away from these laggard
      groups. Buying weak groups on dips is the biggest mistake
      an investor can make.

      ByVolume: Looking at
      the above investors reminds me of Joan


      ByVolume: ShirleyLovelace has the right concept of
      investment; her contribution to this message is very helpful
      to all of us. And I take the opportunity to thank

      Isle of Capri officially opens on Saturday, January
      23, 1999. From here on the stock should perform
      slowly on fundamentals. Looking at today�s earning,
      management, institutional ownership, future growth seems
      promising. I own Isle of Capri as an investment and not as a
      trading tool. Those of you are looking for a big move in
      a short period may be disappointed. Historically
      good stocks move very slowly as improved prospects for
      better earning lead to more institutional following and
      higher PE.

      ByVolume: Reading Mrs. ShirleyLovelace messages and looking
      at Isle both remind me of Cindy

      ByVolume: Are you a stockholder of Isle of Capri and do you
      like Cindy Crawford?



    • ThreePete, Wishing Jackpot for you �

      Last weekend was a three day holiday (Martin Luther
      King, Jr. Birthday) and the football game in Denver.
      Between now and the opening of the Riveria in 1999-2000,
      the loyalty of the Isle of Capri Casino�s customer
      base grows stronger. The new casinos generally do not
      attract old timers from established casinos. The location
      of the Isle Capri Casino plays a substantial role in
      attracting new adventurers to the Black Hawk.

      A good
      example is in Atlantic City. The Taj Mahal Casino owned
      by Donald Trump came too late and never attracted
      the dedicated followers of the established Show Boat
      and Bally Casinos. Bally and Show Boat were both
      taken over by other companies, meanwhile the Taj Mahal
      is in serious financial problems.

      In regards
      to your experience at the Isle of Capri Casino, one
      may have to stand in the cashier window similar to an
      airport check in line. But as a stock holder I am
      thrilled to see the Isle of Capri Casino�s money
      collectors are making two trips to the bank, one before the
      opening of the bank and the other before the closing of
      the bank. A single cashier at the bank in Denver has
      the adequate resources and machines to do the work in
      twelve minutes. The Isle of Capri casino recently opened
      and employs new cashiers, which generally become very
      efficient after counting money for a few weeks.

      the stockholders, appreciate your input. We look
      forward to hearing from you.

      The girls are
      supposed to provide diluted drinks to night gamblers who
      do not come by bus. The completion of the new Hotel
      at the Capri will solve that

      ByVolume: ThreePete, did you win or are you still counting?
      Can I help you count?

      ByVolume: ThreePete,
      wishing this Jackpot for



      • 1 Reply to ByVolume
      • possible buyout by HPK. WP is very knowledgeable
        of HPK and the new Horseshoes executives which
        joined HPK on 1/1/99 know the value that ISLE possesses.
        How would 6/share sound to you guys. There will not
        be many other deals because the suitor list for
        lower end casinos is very small. Only HPK and perhaps
        the new PPE would look at a company like ISLE. HET,
        MGG and MIR could care less. Independent ISLE does
        not go anywhere becuase of debt that will be on the
        books for years to come. Sell out if an offer
        materializes and buy into something else.

    • We're running out of steam. Volume dries up. Also
      technically we can't slope the wall yet. We need more
      institutional sponsorship than just a strong buy from
      Wasserstein Perrela. It seems these guys have little
      influence, especially on the retailfront.
      Need others to
      follow, like Bear Stearns. At least we know B S is
      following ISLE.

      In for the long haul.


    • Thanks for your input, but the formal grand
      opening is scheduled for January 23, 1999. The lines at
      the cashier will get smaller after the official
      opening. By that time all problems should be resolved.


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