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  • doonboggle doonboggle Oct 10, 2008 12:05 AM Flag

    Any dividend cut ahead?

    Looking at this one also, but the insider transactions of the one director/officer scares me off somewhat. Very quickly after buying, he sold ... at a small profit.

    Interesting.......... Other numbers look good though.

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    • There are two other benign reasons why insiders sell. Many have "planned sales" for estate planning purposes which are executed by a third party on a prefiled schedule to avoid the periods between reports in which insiders cannot trade. The purpose is to diversify ones portfolio

      The second reason is to immediately sell the majority of shares purchased in an options exercise, to avoid being trapped by the AMT, which taxes the exerciser on the market value of the stock on the exercise date regardless of any subsequent loss of value. It is a saftety measure in common use. JMO as alwats

    • One has no idea why insiders sell, Pay off a daughters wedding, divorce, mortage problems like the CHK esec. etc.