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  • toby20002001 toby20002001 Mar 12, 2012 3:56 PM Flag

    New high on strong volume. May have a new winning drug.

    Asfostase Alfa developed by Enobia Pharma (acquired by ALXN last year) is showing promise in the treatment of a very rare, often fatal metabolic bone disease in children. Estimated incidence is 1:100,000. Could be a another winner for ALXN along with Soliris.

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    • of course, people who has shorted alxn last june, has lost a lot.
      i started shorting in 80s and have been trading up and down.
      so far so good.
      it is the momentum people keeping it up.
      once they leave, there won't be any new real buyers until 70.

    • A huge congratulations to you on your very wise decision to hold on to ALXN for the past 12 yrs and having the steel nerves to stay with it through its dramatic 90% fall during the two year period 2000-2002.

      Not sure about a split anytime soon. I don't think splits really make any difference one way or another as they don't effect the market cap (no value added). There is perhaps a psychological value in that the share price becomes more affordable, and therefore may entice new smaller investors. But if you have two $50 bills or one $100 bill, you still have the same amount in the bank.

      I too remain positive and very optimistic on ALXN. I like their strategy of pursuing acquisitions and signing deals to expand their product portfolio beyond Soliris, and their strong balance sheet gives them the opportunity to do so.

    • I wonder what affect (if any) the $1B Enobia purchase will have on earnings in Q1. The actual purchase will "hit the books" during Q1.

      We won't know until they are reported until sometime in May.

      Q1 earnings will be "key" to sustained growth.

    • I remain positive about ALXN. I purchased shares in an IRA in '96 or '97 for a total price of under $5k, enjoyed the two splits, and have seen my investment increase 40 fold. Not adding more, but I think the future for the company looks very bright. Not sure when I'll exit but this isn't one I'd short. I wonder if it will split again. Is the next Board meeting in April?

    • Azel, I knew it was just a matter of time before you'd be on here with your typically pessimistic commentary.

      Those who have held on to ALXN for any reasonable length of time within the past 9 years have fared much better than those who've shorted it. For many years now, ALXN's detractors have constantly said the stock was/is overvalued; that their pipeline is very thin; that Soliris is not revenue sustaining in the long run as the disease it treats is too rare and the drug cost way too high to make money; imminent crash unavoidable, etc, etc.

      However,in spite of all the naysayers throughout the years, ALXN has obviously and consistently performed very well. So go on with your negative thinking as ALXN keeps moving along quite nicely with its stellar performance.

    • Looks like a new sure biologic for Alexion. Clinical trial data looks impressive! What is the next drug in the works?

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      • Their pipeline currently contains 7 trials for new therapies, as well as 9 trials to expand the use of Soliris. Also, ALXN is granted special priority review status by the FDA due to their sole focus on orphan drugs for extremely rare, life threatening deseases - plus they also get longer exclusivity and research tax incentives.

        This company is in great financial shape and has NO competitors. It's been on a steady, consistent rise for the past 9 years and has performed outstandingly well for the last 3 of those years. With its top quality management team of well experienced individuals with impressive credentials, its best days are yet to come.

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