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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Jun 3, 2003 8:35 AM Flag

    IBM, not SCOX the scandalous ones!!

    It just shows all the shorts on this board who have recently been illusioning that IBM is this powerful juggarnaut of honesty and forthrightness are wrong.

    It also shows IBM could very well be taking corrupt measure to make greater profits. If a company is corrupt in one area, they are likely to be corrupt in other areas too.

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    • Whoa! Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty? IBM has about 100 years of integrity behind it.

      Ever consider that microsoft may have said: "pssst, SEC, I have a tip for you" ?

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      • "IBM has about 100 years of integrity behind it."

        Excuse me!?! If you talk to just about anyone who was a computer scientist/engineer/tech $30 years ago you'll find that they were pretty much the M$ or their day. Just like M$ they were known for their dirty marketing tricks and just like M$ they also went through their own Anti-trust case. Now that said I think that today IBM is probably one of the best run and most respected companies out there but lets not get carried away.