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  • In March, SCO Group surprised the world with a lawsuit seeking more than $1bn against IBM in the case. An amended complaint filed on Monday in the US District Court in Utah added more claims against IBM, tripled damages to at least $3bn, sought an injunction prohibiting IBM from selling Unix and detailed some accusations of technology moved to Linux.

    SCO seeks at least $1bn in damages from IBM's alleged breach of its contract with SCO; another $1bn for breach of the Unix contract signed by Sequent, which IBM acquired in 1999; and another $1bn for unfair competition. SCO also seeks more for misappropriation of trade secrets and punitive damages.

    The amended suit also asserts that SCO holds copyrights to Unix, a point that could be key in future Linux and Unix litigation. Novell, which owned Unix intellectual property before selling it to SCO's predecessor, initially disputed SCO's ownership, but later relented.

    However, the suit still makes no claims of copyright violation, which several independent attorneys believe could lead to stronger claims than that of trade secret infringement. After the Novell spat, SCO said it had not registered those copyrights. Independent attorneys say SCO must register the copyrights before basing legal action on them.,,t269-s2136185,00.html