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  • shades6662000 shades6662000 Aug 25, 2003 4:14 PM Flag

    SCO Vows to Revitalize Its Unix Product

    "SCO Vows to Revitalize Its Unix Product as Linux Rival",10801,84292,00.html

    Would you buy from a company that can't even keep it's website up!?!?

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    • I would like to revitalize my garage also. I can barely park my cars in there anymore. And my workbench is being used as another crap collector. I think it would help to build some more shelves, but I really need to get rid of some junk.

    • It already has...that's why it is here.

    • Which makes it ironic that SCO keeps bleating that they've accidentally signed restrictive contracts with the mystery Fortune 500 "Linux Licence" pigeon, the phantom rocket scientists of MIT ...

      GROKLAW: "Man, those pesky contracts SCO keeps signing that force them not to disclose anything. Maybe they need a new lawyer, who can explain to them that a contract means both sides get to set the terms."

    • > Contracts are a way to ensure that you don't get taken advantage of

      McBride said in an interview that a contract
      is a weapon to be used against the other party (to the contract).

      Given that, would *you* sign a contract with SCOX?

    • I read my attorney reads customers read them, so do their attornies...when I contribute code to a kernel or other GPL/LGPL or OSI project, the trail of process is the same...only more stringent...AND I have to sign (with registered mail, BOTH ways, not email or faxes) releases of the code for patent, copyright and trademark violations...THEN the eyes begin to look at my code, then it MAY get acccepted.

      The process for GPL is MUCH more stringent than ANY I have EVER gone through in a proprietary shop, either as a contractor or an employee.

      It's just that when I've done my due diligence, my attorney has done hers and all the third (possibly fourth) parties have done theirs, I don't expect to have to continue to watch my back over code that has already been written.

      Only a company that is not even a third-rate tech company, that has NEVER been profitable and WILL NEVER BE, based on their products, only a company with incompetent management who value their customers and partners not a whit would require that kind of relationship. Only a company that turns everything it touches into a steaming pile of shite due to the incompetence of its management and BoD....

      Only a company like SCO.

    • <<Contracts are a way to ensure that you don't get taken advantage of, and should be fair to both parties.>>

      Christ you're stupid. Contracts are what you use against parties you have relationships with.

    • Contracts are a way to ensure that you don't get taken advantage of, and should be fair to both parties. All businesses use contracts to protect themselves, do you receive any bills?

      You prolly don't read your own contracts, just sign your X near the X.

    • Darlslave Sirius asks:

      what are contracts for? TIA
      (always courteous, that one)

      According to Darl, your master:

      "Contracts are what you use agianst people you have relationships with."

      Wonder what the Darl's wives and ex-wives have to say about that?

    • what are contracts for? TIA

    • >>Would you buy from a company that can't even keep it's website up!?!? <<

      Would you buy from a company that routinely sues it's customers? "contracts are what you use against people you have relationships with" remember?

      Canopy does not hesitate to sue big names: CA, MSFT, or IBM; or individual end users, or anybody in between. Canopy is a lawsuit company, that is canopy makes it's real money.

      If you do any business with a canopy company you are begging for a lawsuit. This company makes rmbs and enron guys look like boy scouts. Canopy is thoroghly dishonest, as dirty as they come.

      You want to do business with a company like that? You want to pay $1599 for an obsolete product, when you can get a much better product for free?

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