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  • BumbleB572 BumbleB572 Sep 19, 2003 9:09 PM Flag


    Boy Im glad I listened to all the strong sell recommenadtions when i bought this stock on 8-29 for $14.61.. man I would have been screwed if I would be still holding this stock at $19 and change... LOL!!!

    see ya all at $25..

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    • see ya at $10 bumbler

    • 25? Are you on crack? And what's going to get their valuation to 25? Non-recurring revenue like they realized the last two quarters? Selling bogus licenses for products they haven't proven they really own? You can't even buy one of their bogus licenses if you try. SCO has turned themselves into the pariah of the technology world. Who's going to enter into a business relationship with a company relying on litigation as an income source? I'd chew off my hand before signing a purchase request for a SCO product. HR won't even interview ex-SCO employees for the same reason.

      Keep holding. You deserve to go down with them.

    • Rereading the OP it would seem that someone has signed up for a new alias. The grammar, the 'feel' of the post tells me our one "Strong Buy" has come back under a different name.

      Different name, but same smell.

    • If I told you that you could make money investing in al Qaeda via the stock market, that it was a sure bet, would you invest money in that organization?

      Admittedly a strange analogy, however TSG has resorted to calling people 'terrorists'. The corporation is on very shaky grounds, and their product line has gone from semi-respectable products to almost entrirely litigation.

      I've seen estimates of the appropriate value for this stock anywhere from $2.60 to $6.00. While IANAIB(1) it is plain to me that this stock is being propped up by nothing more than FUD.

      But, hey, go ahead. Buy more stock, or hold what you have. Hell, let's see this thing hit $50 per share. Higher it goes, harder it falls. It is inevitable.

      The big problem with a relatively free-market is that there isn't much room for morals. If you feel that your morals are worth $25 a share, go for it, dude. The SEC and other 'moderators' of the free market don't seem to be doing much to curtail immoral corporate behavior, at least not in this case.

      The best quote I've read about this issue were ripped from Airplane! the movie..

      "They bought the tickets. I say, let 'em crash".

      (1) I Am Not An Investment Broker (for the benefit of the OP, who prolly doesn't have a clue)