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  • moonrealestate2000 moonrealestate2000 Feb 25, 2004 11:41 AM Flag

    Dun needalawyer tell wad freesoftware z

    "I don't know many programmers that don't like free software. Personally almost all the money I make comes from doing contract programming, and I'm a strong supporter and advocate of free software. Lots of time is spent reduplicating the wheel. Personally I'd rather improve something that almost does what I want than write something from scratch or take something that almost does what I want but I'm not allowed to change it."

    That's exactly what I hear from programmers and admins: They take FOSS code and assemble new tools they need in-house. Sometimes they submit bug-reports or code to the author/maintainer to avoid additional patching work for them when the next version is released.
    They don't want to destroy commertial software, but when companys dont't fix their broken code or don't add features they need they have no choice but to halt development or go with FOSS they can adept to their requirements.

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