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  • just_bs2000 just_bs2000 Apr 29, 2005 4:40 PM Flag

    Why Microsoft's has a upbeat Outlook

    Simple. Because MSFT is the best company with the best products, the best people in the industry and the best technology available.


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    • Man, I miss the time I used to have to keep up with the board and get a good morning laugh from FCS.

      After drilling back through this AMAZING thread, and seeing that FCS talked early on about "windows and a unix shell:"

      This $2M G.E. machine (WAG, a small turbine-generator unit) most likely runs on Unix and FCS's Win box is just a client. That's why he can arbitrarily decide to reboot, some *Unix* box is doing the real work and will keep running the machine whether FCS is plugged in, paying attention or off having a donut with Mister Burns.

    • <<That is, unless FCS works for CS/AOL.>>

      Even then, I don't think it would be possible to do it whenever without serious repurcussions on the network.

      Besides, I didn't metion it, but who on the planet would be stupid, incompetent enough to run Microsoft on a Multi millions dollar machine???

      Does Windows even RUN on those???

    • "I'm not surprised by this. What does surprise me is that you would be inept enough to try to imply that you are responsible for a multi million dollar computer of some kind, and that there is no problem or issue involved with rebooting it."

      Excellent point.

      I can reboot my $1500 desktop PC with no effect on anyone else.

      I can reboot the $3000 server next to me, and disrupt a couple of dozen souls.

      If I reboot the several-hundred-thousand dollar mainframe, I disrupt several thousand souls. Several thousand pissed souls.

      I can only imagine how many poor souls would be affected by a "MultiMillionDollar" machine being rebooted. And cannot fathom how any sysadmin would take such a prospect lightly.

      That is, unless FCS works for CS/AOL.

    • <<rebooting has nothing to do with warm fuzzies and Msft talk.>>

      Any serious system admin knows or at least feels like Rebooting is admitting defeat.

      <<I am responsible for a multi million dollar machine>>
      Let me guess, it's a really big sofisticated street cleaning machine?

      <<and I have found, through the best test of all, experience, that rebooting gives me the best results - every time.>>

      I'm not surprised by this. What does surprise me is that you would be inept enough to try to imply that you are responsible for a multi million dollar computer of some kind, and that there is no problem or issue involved with rebooting it.

      <<What do you do when you have to flip a blown fuse?>>

      I just do it. My UPS keeps my systems online without having to reboot. Surely you couldn't possibly be implying that you have a "multi million dollar machine" connected to the sector directly now could you? That would be akin to criminal negligence in my line of work.

      <<What do you do when your car stalls? Scream about having to restart your car blaming the manufacturer?>>

      No I take it to the shop where a qualified pro can fix it. In the case of a computer, I'm the qualified pro...

      <<It is insanity. There will come a time when software colloberates to a state close to perfection. Until then, what is the problem with rebooting?>>

      Ask that to all the connected users who have to close their documents, or lose email connection, or have to close their webapps etc etc.

      <<If you were smart you would take that time and get a stretch or two in.>>

      If you were smart, you wouldn't attack, pretending to be an expert at something you obviously know not much about.
      <<Take some deep breaths and exhale the hate you have built up.>>

      Pot...kettle...yaddi yaddi yadda.

    • >> 2 million. And a service contract that we never have to use. <<

      I am a systems design engineer. I am not only "responsible" for multi-million machines (specifically, flight simulators), I specify them in the first place.

      I wouldn't let Windows within a zillion miles of such a mchine.

      And yes, I do get to say what goes.

    • "I won't contribute any more to its insanity."

      lol. Best line of the day before 8 am? I would say so.

    • I didn't miss much this weekend. The correlation between sanity and shilling seems to be an inverse relationship that is infinitely exemplified in the writings of a few munchkins who still believe that they are somehow not zealots when spreading their manure *cough* (fcs, qnc, et al).

      As long as you respond to the morons, they do return to try to drag out the idiocy. We know that they cannot learn from history, and didn't live through the times that they claim to understand. It's a shallow, myopic viewpoint shared by the moronic, bought and paid for fools who seem to believe that only the wicked deserve to be rewarded (they are certainly exemplary of that behavior).

      First, here are some things I want to say to them:

      1) Judge not, lest ye be judged.
      2) God is love.
      3) When the day comes and you claim to have done things in His name, be prepared to hear these words,"I know ye not."

      My understanding of my creator is such that His grace is shed upon the sinners to make them free from sin. He broke bread with the taxmen, he healed the sick and he cared for others. He did not condemn even Judas, though he knew he would betray him. Christianity is not beholden to any political party affiliation, or any economic shill, or anything of this Earth. If you think that, you are in much worse shape than I could ever hope to help you overcome.

      After the many false aspersions that they have cast - I can only assume that a warm reception awaits them. That is a fate that I wish on no one.

      I hope that someone in their lives would have a long chat with them. Maybe they have a loved one who would recognize the desperate plea for help that their messages exemplify and intervene?

      It's not worthy of discussion, and I am not going to respond to it, for I can only assume that the poor creature has flipped out. I won't contribute any more to its insanity.

      Have a nice day.


    • >>I can only hope you didn't invent your story.
      Lying is a severe sin, as you are probably aware of. This might result to *weeks* of purgatory.<<

      I thought admining Windows boxes was purgatory?

      Heaven is knowing your systems will still be running when you go home, and not require a reboot to clean up the memory.

      Anyone remember the LAX crash? Air Traffic control towers running windows, the system crashed because it had a memory leak, and didn't get it's weekly reboot.

      It's a good thing I am never flying to LAX.

    • Are you sure a computer with a price tag > 1 million dollars running Windows even exists ?
      Would you be so nice to produce a link to the manufacturer of this amazing machine ?

      This article says Microsoft has pushed back the release of a Windows Server for high-performance computing until 2006.,10801,100888,00.html?from=story_kc

      The planned Windows Server 2003 HPC Edition will not even support Itanium 2:
      "... because the high-end Intel chip is too expensive and too powerful for the small clusters the special Windows Server product is targeting".

      Small clusters should not cost a million ...

      I can only hope you didn't invent your story.
      Lying is a severe sin, as you are probably aware of.
      This might result to *weeks* of purgatory.

    • << I am free. And not 'free' as in linux. >>

      Right! You're 'free' as in Mr Humphries.

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