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  • inymical inymical Oct 9, 2005 10:44 PM Flag

    YO, Dubya

    <Sorry, Skipper. But Algore _still_ lost the election.
    The Republican party controls the House.>

    That house is in obvious need of a cleaning.

    <The Republican party controls the Senate.>

    That chamber is in need of a scrubbing.

    <The Republican party controls the Oval Office.>

    I assume you mean Halliburton. It needs a Love Canal grade cleanup. And indictments.

    <The Republican party controls the Supreme Court.>

    That, will be handled in the afterlife, if there is a G_d at all.

    <And, no matter how much you piss and moan -- about this, that, or the other -- the above still remains true.>

    Read history. Read widely, across all boundaries.

    <Come, on! You don't give a flip about what's happening in Pakistan, or anywhere else! You just want to bitch out your frustrations, and are looking for an excuse to do so. Trust me, I understand this, I understand this very well.>

    I for one would bet my life otherwise. I may not agree on various things, but I hear truth from Dio on this.

    <I do wish that you at least be a man, and at least be honest to yourself. There's nothing wrong with being frustrated and driven mad, because your side of the aisle has been out of power for over 20 years now (with few, short-lived exceptions), and is on a definite one-way trip to the ash heap of history.>

    ? wtf

    <I understand all your anger and bitterness. I really do. And I wouldn't mind your pissfest, providing that you're at least honest about it.

    But puh-lease, don't pander and make yourself out like some kind of a martyr, tearing your heart out and throwing yourself to the lions, because of the supposed plight of those poor souls halfway across the world.>

    What you don't understand, you missed out on in kindergarten, and there is little hope now.

    <Come on, you don't really give a damn about them. I know that. and you know that. You just want an excuse to bitch about Bush.>

    I call bs. Compassion for others I realize is just not part of your expressed soul.
    If came down to it, I'd take a round for Bush, and suspect most of the other "Bush-beaters" here would beat me to it. Because I salute the rank, not the person. Trust me, in this case I truly do not salute the person.

    <That's fine. That's OK. Just go ahead and bitch your heart out. I always say that it's better to get these things out in the open, rather to keep all that anger and frustration bottled up inside you.>

    I refer you to your mirror.

    <I don't mind. Besides, it's rather entertaining to watch a left-wing wacko having a cow. And you really don't need to find some excuse to do that.
    Just let it rip!>

    Left wing wacko? That's just funny. If Dio's left wing, I'm a decorated FBI agent.

    (unless you meant Flagon was holding a cow under her left wing; that is entirely possible)

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