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  • bilbungalo bilbungalo Dec 4, 2006 11:58 AM Flag

    And I am buying more...this is fun

    such a merry christmas it will be......

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    • You are making a number of assumptions that simply are not true, and very poor assumptions to make.

      Yes, many of us that regularly post on this board work as professionals in the computing industry, many in support positions. Many, including myself are very well versed in a number of operating systems, computing systems, networking systems, etc. A large number of us pre-dated the "internet bubble" and survived its implosion. We also remember why many of those companies failed.

      You are assuming that we do not know anything about money, business operations, etc. I hate to be blunt, many of us hold multiple college degrees in multiple fields, including various business fields. For example I do hold degrees in management and in finance from a nationally well-ranked university, in addition to graduate degrees in other fields. I know more about investments than you would even fantasize about. I also know how to spot a scam.

      Caldera\SCO bet the entire future of the company on a series of very suspect lawsuits. As they lawsuits have worked their way through the courts Caldera\SCO has had no success. The only ones that have profited are their attorneys! The comments of Caldera\SCO management including the CEO Darl McBride clearly create some interesting issues given the number of claims that have been struck down by the court, last Friday. Three years ago McBride was screaming there were millions of lines of their code in Linux. First they have yet to clearly demonstrate that Caldera\SCO actually owns anything.

      You need to understand that Caldera\SCO is not the same as Santa Cruz Operations, or oldSCO. Caldera simply bought from oldSCO a UNIX marketing agreement. They alleged copyrights were never transferred to oldSCO, because they did not buy them from Novell. SCOX was NOT a party to the original contract! It appears that Caldera did not know what they actually bought and then had buyers remorse when they found out. There is little question the intent of the litigation was for a quick "go away" settlement. It did not happen because the claims were so outrageous.

      As to day-trading SCOX, not a good idea. Look at the typical volume for the last year and that would be a very dangerous call. The stock in SCOX is held almost entirely by insiders and institutions; very little is held by individuals. A trade of a couple of hundred shares often impacts the price of SCOX stock. If one of the larger holders put more than a few thousand shares out for sale this stock would be down to well under a dollar in seconds!

      You need to answer a question, what business is Caldera\SCO (SCOX) in? The have been a distributor of two different operating systems, and failed at both. They have paid lawyers well over $25 million in fees, plus goodness knows how many millions in other legal costs. Reports are they have laid off much of their staff. Customers are bailing out of SCO products, at a very fast rate. They are buring cash faster than they have revenue, by several million each quarter. When a company has few valid assets, minimal employees beyond some very over paid executives, and a product that is generally not wanted, and they have spent more money on failing litigation than product development, in the last three years, and no sustained history of profitability in the entire history of the company (millions in losses) that sure looks like a scam to me.

      Here is a link to quarterly and annual income statment for SCOX, and it is not pretty. (Be sure to look at both annual and quarterly.)

    • >>
      I'm just saying that what you define as "viewpoint of those with an inside, long-term historical view ..." as is apparent in this board is often irrelevant for the future of the Companies (I mean in general).
      And I'm saying that this board is the only one I've seen so "different"...populated by people who don't care about investment..strange and not useful

      This board doesn't look like a normal board because this stock doesn't work like a normal stock. The usual TA and other tools aren't useful when a stock's thinly traded and (by all appearances) heavily manipulated. You can still make some money here, but you have to pay much closer attention to the news than you do with most stocks. The news isn't a 100% reliable predictor of what the stock's going to do next either, but it works better than anything else. If you don't have the time or inclination to keep up on current events, you'd probably do well to invest your money elsewhere.

      For instance, even if you aren't interested in the ongoing court cases, it's important to realize that the last two huge drops in the share price have happened after adverse court decisions, and conventional wisdom is that there's more of the same on the way. It's not unusual for the volume to almost completely dry up when a court ruling is expected soon, or an earnings call is scheduled in a few days, which can make it difficult to exit ahead of bad news.

      Quite often, the share price rises sharply in the last 30 minutes (or often less) of the trading day, typically with a series of quick 100-share trades. It's commonly thought those are wash trades to "paint the tape" for the day, and people have reported making money by selling into the paint at day's end. The painters don't always show up, though, so that can be quite a risky strategy. So don't bet the farm on this.

      Overall, I'd have to say that the way to make the most money on SCOX is to get engraved stock certificates for your SCO shares, and sell them on eBay. I'm sure this sounds like I'm joking, but bear with me here: Back during the brief bubble in the share price back in late '03, it maxed out at nearly $23/share. You should be able to beat that easily, especially after whatever point SCO goes BK. Instant collector's item. Even if you couldn't care less about the SCO situation, if you can buy shares at $1 a pop, and sell the certificates for, say, $30 each, that's not a bad return on your money, if you're willing to do the extra marketing legwork this would involve.

    • I'm just saying that what you define as "viewpoint of those with an inside, long-term historical view ..." as is apparent in this board is often irrelevant for the future of the Companies (I mean in general).
      And I'm saying that this board is the only one I've seen so "different"...populated by people who don't care about investment..strange and not useful

    • oops.
      Had the cyclo site but it didn't seem right to push to "civilians".

      so, as to not offend anyone ;)
      (wonder if they're ready for Flagon stories?)

      sconewsroundup.blogspot. com
      mog.warmcat. com
      www.utd.uscourts. gov/documents/ibm_hist.html
      www.investorvillage. com/smbd.asp?mb=1911&clear=1&pt=m
      groklaw. net
      tuxrocks. com
      ip-wars. net
      scofacts. org
      www.threenorth. com/sco/
      sco.iwethey. org/

    • thanks for teaching I appreaciate...while I'm doing money what are YOU doing? I still don't understand...other than that you seems very well educated in the theory of trading but not in the execution....

    • I don't have a big clue about this stock, only it moves very fast...and no...I don't have a clue of who is in this board...and not even if you're french, despit eyou car's name..only that you're not here to you're not bringing value to me as a board member

    • I will make it short....if you look at the NASDAQ you will see a lot of company where you do money trading stocks over 1 day, 1 week, 1month or ...and SCOX is not exeption.
      the current value is very low...and only today you might have easily done a 10% profit..what are you speaking about?
      so don't say thing like "it's not possible to....", tell me: are you investing in ANY stok, other than sitting in this board?

    • . . . for the Darwin Awards.

      w w w . d a r w i n a w a r d s . c o m

      Will go bankrupt. In order to eat, be forced to sell his testicles to a medical research lab, thereby improving the human genome.


    • Keep grabbing at that falling knife, Bung. The pain only lasts a litle while (down 11% at 12:34)

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