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  • salus_terminator salus_terminator May 13, 2011 10:47 PM Flag

    Groklaw The Early Days and its anti-SCO Agenda

    The first anti-SCO article was published by Groklaw's Pamela Jones on May 17, 2003 and it was titled "SCO Falls Downstairs, Hitting Its Head On Every Step".

    A few days later, Groklaw published "Speaking of HIPAA, Do MS's EULAs Violate It?". The original version of this document is still found at .

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    "Speaking of HIPAA, Do MS's EULAs Violate It?" helped relate Groklaw's Pamela Jones to a software company named MedAbiliti.

    Indeed, a few weeks earlier, MedAbiliti Software issued a key press release titled "Exemplar International ( known today as Examinetics) Chooses MedAbiliti for HIPAA Compliance". This press release mentioned Pamela Jones as director for public affairs at MedAbiliti Software.

    Other documents available on the Internet help relate Groklaw's Pamela Jones to Medabiliti Software in 2003.

    In early 2003, MedAbiliti Software developed for Exemplar International a software product named XM Network. XM Network run on Linux and was developed with open source software.

    XM Network was officially announced on February 18, 2003.

    SCO filed its lawsuit against IBM a couple of weeks after XM Network's announcement.

    Did Exemplar International questioned MedAbiliti Software about XM Network and the implications of the SCO lawsuit?

    Enter Pamela Jones, director for public affairs at MedAbiliti.

    It appears as if Groklaw started as an anti-SCO propaganda vehicle by Medabiliti Software to downplay SCO's lawsuit against IBM.

    In the weeks and months that followed SCO's lawsuit against IBM, Groklaw became also an attractive vehicle to transmit propaganda for other organizations and companies.

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