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  • merkey.terminator merkey.terminator Jun 13, 2012 2:45 PM Flag

    Linus Torvalds - Linux succeeded thanks to IP infringement

    "Indeed - the /concepts/ of linux are naturally based on things that have
    been available in USL and BSD code. That doesn't mean that there is any
    risk of linux being sued by AT&T - they are all properly documented
    features, and thus AT&T cannot claim any infringement due to things like
    uid/setgid etc general unix interfaces.

    "The problem with BSDI and 386BSD is that they have a bit more to prove
    than linux: BSD has been developed with free access to AT&T code (and
    nobody tries to argue otherwise), and there has been a flow of
    information both ways (arguably the flow has been bigger in the BSD ->
    AT&T direction, but that isn't the point). Linux, on the other hand,
    has been coded without /any/ AT&T code - not even as a starting point.
    I simply don't have access to any AT&T code even if I wanted to use it,
    which I don't.

    "So if AT&T claims that BSDI (or 386BSD) couldn't have been developed in
    such a short time without AT&T sources, linux is indeed an argument
    against that claim. If one person can write a perfectly functional
    system in one year on his home machine (and some people that have tried
    both and don't need networking even /prefer/ linux to 386bsd), then a
    couple of knowledgeable people shouldn't have any problem to remove all
    the AT&T code.

    "Note that linux isn't the only system that can claim being free from
    AT&T code: coherent, minix, etc have all been commercial for a long
    time, and USL hasn't tried to sue them. But linux is special in that
    it's been developed in a very short time, and thus can be used as a
    counter-argument to the USL claim that the BSDI developement would have
    been impossible without AT&T code."

    Somewhere a group of loons, reminiscent of the old drug-happy hippy-freak
    Unix culture so enamoured of free software, is planning the next assault...

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