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  • jeffmerkey Apr 19, 2013 2:57 PM Flag

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    the title says it all.

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    • "the title says it all."

      Not quite. These Findings of Fact say so much more:

      "110. Merkey was aware that he was being looked for and that the Novell computers in his possession were being sought pursuant to the writ of replevin.

      111. At the time that the constables searched his home, Merkey had a copy of the following confidential Wolf Mountain documents at his home: (I) Wolf Mountain: An Invited Analysis/Report; (ii) Wolf Mountain Architecture Overview-Draft-; (iii) IDC Commercial Systems & Servers--Short Report for Novell--Beyond Netware; (iv) Novell Corporate Architecture--Wolf Mountain Summit Summary Review; (iv) Novell Project 2000 Hand-Outs; (v) Novell Project 2000 Technical Information; (vi) IDC Systems Research--Proprietary Novell Report: Strategic Assessment of Wolf Mountain's Market Space; and (vii) Wolf Mountain Architecture Overview. Other than items (iii and vi), each of these documents bore a legend that it was confidential or a Novell company secret. Each contained extended analysis and detailed information about the Wolf Mountain technologies"

      Confidential? Novell company secrets?

      Tsk tsk tsk...

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      • jeffmerkey Apr 23, 2013 2:07 PM Flag

        These were public IDC reports on IDC's website. The rest of the documents were passed out at Brainshare by Novell marketing people along with 700+ slides. Also note the careful wording. Nothing was taken from my house during the replevin -- "At the time of the replivin" not that they found them. I turned these documents in three weeks later through my attorneys. This can be verified from within the court minutes. This is more of novell's careful wording to have exeactly the effect it did -- to get idiots like you to swallow their manure. So what if I had public documents -- big deal.

        I was not "aware" of anything. I got a phone call from larry angus that there were people coming to his house. He did not know who nor did I, so I just left. I was working on computers in his garage. I drove from his house to my house (25 miles from Springville to Lindon). When I got there, they already come and gone and they took nothing. The laptop was sitting on the kitchen counter -- they ignored it. There were not there to find anything -- they were there to justify a press release and interview with the WSJ to conduct a publicity smear campaign. I mean seriously, why post a ruling from a DISMISSED lawsuit.

        Here are the facts.

        1. I have NEVER been found by any court to have misappropriated trade secrets. There is no final order -- the case was DISMISSED.

        2. Novell did all of this because I had started a company and made eric smidft look like an idiot -- it was just payback.

      • You mean, gasp!, Merkey was lying?????

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