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  • luzeloon luzeloon Jul 25, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

    Where is the sense in wailing here about the book?

    Utah chief scientists writing books on high energy physics are unlikely to hang out on this board to hear the Loons wail. Why not contact the Utah chief scientists themselves about the book, by thoroughly searching for them in Utah? *snicker*

    Meanwhile, does the DimWit Stein nym have enough courage to admit he is completely wrong about ISBN numbers as usual? To not know about high energy physics as much as the Utah cheif scientist is understandable and excusable - we understand the beggar boy leclite is a peabrain. But to blurt out nonsense about ISBN numbers only to be shown dead wrong by the clever Indians immediately afterwards - that is shameful. *snicker*

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    • Is true. People interested in Utah Man's books ought to be contacting him directly (by thoroughly searching for him in Utah). Why wail here? Only the Indians can see your wailing here, and we can only speculate as to why the book is delayed or why an imbecile like you would need a book.

      "Meanwhile, does the DimWit Stein nym have enough courage to admit he is completely wrong about ISBN numbers as usual?"

      I think the answer to this is a resounding No. DimWit Stein imposter completely stopped talking about ISBN numbers of late. *snicker*

    • "So admit the book is vaporware and I'll stop asking about it."

      Why does dumb Loon leclite think that the Indians care one way or the other about him asking about the book? Feel free to keep asking for the book until you tire of it (or the book comes out), bum.

      We Indians were only trying to help you out, what with our superior brain power and everything, seeing that you are a peabrain. (Again, what is the point of asking questions on this message board of a man that is too busy with high energy physics to be visiting obscure internet message boards?)

    • It's actually the dumb Loon leclite that has trouble telling difference between people. Every time a helpful Indian points out a way to get the Utah man's attention, leclite turns around and claims that the Utah Man himself said that.

      Now, a racist Loon such as leclite may have trouble telling one Indian from another (out of the dozen or so Indians that post here), but there's no excuse for confusing any of them with the Utah chief scientist. This is again the monumental stoopidity of leclite at work. *snicker*

    • Even after this excellent advice, dumb Loon leclite, operating from hd.deleator nym, wails that it's the Utah man asking to be looked for in Utah. This is not so, dumb Loon leclite.

      It is merely the Indians that are providing that advice. As already mentioned, Utah chief scientists writing books on high energy physics rarely have time to check out obscure message boards that the Loons wail on. Your best bet is to search thoroughly for them in Utah.

    • Is true. Utah chief scientists tend to be busy. Loon wailing serves no purpose here. May be Loons can petition Amazon to hurry up and publish that book. I'm sure Amazon and the Utah Man are deadlocked in compensation negotiations. Amazon needs a little push, and the Loons are good at begging for things. *snicker*