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  • bdaniell830 Mar 2, 2013 4:21 PM Flag

    Anybody's dividend short every month?

    I have owned this fund for one month. I have about 460 shares and the recent dividend payment was declared online at .0556 cent per share. 460 x .0556 yields a $25.58 payout on the dividend. When I logged in this morning to see if the dividend was paid, it said I received a $15.60 payment. This payment is about 40% lower than it should be. I called my buddy who is also in this fund and the same thing has happened to him every month since he has owned it from December. I have a phone call in to Fidelity and I am waiting on a response to come on Monday. Does anybody else have this problem?

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    • I have owned this fund since Oct 2011 and made about 15% on an annual basis. I sold at the beginning of the month and am very glad I did. Moved it all to FBIOX and am up over 5% while this is tanking. This will continue it's downward slide until interest rates plateau globally. Want a better dividend buy T Want better growth and dividends buy FBIOX.

    • I called them on that same issue. i was told that dividends are paid according to how long you are invested during that month. Soooo, if you owned the fund for 21 of 28 days your dividend payout would be .66%.
      That's what I was told. hope this helps you.

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