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  • mtoby3 mtoby3 Mar 4, 2010 9:00 PM Flag

    If you like mfli/ try this penny stock lookin good

    Yea but notice sirius was feb-march of 2009 around 7-10 cents ( thats when I bought it)My point is I own mfli and siri and wrspq and simply put there is a lot of credible news out that sirius is probably gonna benefit wrspq real soon 7 the stock is starting to move up. Thats all retard its for others to take a look at & make their own decision. Notice how mfli has been going down, I own some too just like you & in the doghouse on mfli. But notice wrspq has been pushing up/ also look at sirius in 3-6 months and then at years end, I buy more every couple months or so & am doing great. Also you are correct sirius has pulled back 25-30% in the last couple of weeks/ But go bac 5-6 weeks in january & notice sirius was holding around 66-68 cents per then in a month sirius shot up almost 100%/ then it pulls back 25-30%, Bi Deal Im still up 50% on sirius alone since january. Ill take 40-50% every 3 months all year long on any stock & be very happy.Go ahead check it out & see for yourself, or good luck with mfli by youself( LOSER)

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