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  • investorpatent investorpatent May 13, 2009 10:36 AM Flag

    I went long @ 16.20

    Where is Carlos?! :)

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    • Honesty, no. I thought the telling piece was the delay in the initial determination.

      "Judge Essex cited the ITC’s decision to extend the date for issuance of the Final Determination (the target completion date) in another action brought by Tessera against certain wireless manufacturers, Investigation No. 337-TA-605 (Wireless ITC action) as the reason for the rescheduled deadline in the DRAM ITC action."

      This tells me that Essex a) was waiting to see if he erred in the wireless ruling, which it appears he did, and b) he wanted the final determination in his back pocket before deciding on the DRAM case. Seeing that TSRA is once again undefeated in legal proceedings, and Essex is now clear that the ITC has established a long-running precedent supporting TSRA patents, I hate to use terms like 'slam dunk' so I'll only say it would clearly be a very dramatic upset if that decision were to go any other way.


    • I read your sarcasm correctly. I was agreeing with you.

      Thanks for the clarifation on how rev hits the qtr. I thought the license fees were in arrears.

      Are you at all concerned with the July DRAM ruling?

    • "IF they filed for a stay, that indicates that it does matter. It would mean that the AMKR option isn't enough."

      Exactly my point in my roundabout smart alec way. I agree with you and tom on the MOT license, since it was being optioned for months. QCOM story is going to be interesting to watch play out.

    • IF they filed for a stay, that indicates that it does matter. It would mean that the AMKR option isn't enough.

      If the unconfirmed stay is rejected, a license would seem MORE likely.

      A QCOM license would be a much bigger announcement than the MOT license was. I think it was Tomonthebus that pointed out that the MOT announcement was almost anti-climactic. And it still got a nice gap up that continues to hold.

    • QCOM acted like this ruling doesn't matter, so I'm sure they won't care if a stay isn't granted.

    • Qualcomm has had zero luck with ITC stays in the past.

    • Sold all at 26.20

      Not a bad profit! :)

      Good luck guys.

    • dark... fair points and agreed for the most part. You mentioned you were selling some yesterday and I've mentioned at times when I have added, sold, or just traded pops and drops. No need to defend anyone, IP already has a history of rubbing peoples noses in things, and this is a message board where people say whatever they want and make whatever false claims they like anyway. Take it all for what its worth, which is hopefully very little. I like to hear if people are buying or selling and why, just as you stated yesterday. Made sense. I haven't always agreed with you but you've always been a straight shooter and you bring a lot to the discussion so there's respect there. I think IP adds something to the discussion as well. No need to state positions and prices since it doesn't help anyone and in the past has only resulted in contentious debate. He makes some good points and some stupid remarks, just like I do. If you tell me someone has a position at 17 or 19 or 22, it makes no difference to me - unless its Warren Buffett or George Soros.

      Re peaks and valleys, we have a pretty large gap to fill, which should occur pretty easily if the market continues to show selling pressure. Then off to the races IMO, although we may take a breather until first license agreement is signed. Everyone is expecting a pullback in the overall market and the NAS has had a strong run so I am long the QID as a hedge. Still think a month from now we have a favorable DRAM decision and are in the high 20's to 30. But what do I know.

    • dark,

      You start being too nice to me, you will be excommunicated by Carlos & co soon.
      I warned you!

    • I understand and respect your point.

      However, I believe that most of us are trading this stock to one level or another. I think that sharing our thoughts on where we see the pops and drops is a valid discussion for the group.

      I liquidated a third last night in AH and I'm back in with today's pullback. I didn't net much but I'm back in the for the ride to $60. And I was protected from an unexpected drop today.

      I don't have any desire to compete with anyone for "best returns". Everyone needs to do their own thing. But, knowing IP's doubling at $19.50 reinforces my view of the risk/reward. (I don't need a running commentary of his average.)

      As to credibility, we know each other in this community. (and in IP's defense, he announced his doubling at $19.50 when the stock was still $19.50)

      I would actually appreciate your opinions of the peaks and valleys as we all try to maximize this ride to $60. But, only if you want to share.

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