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  • nukejohn nukejohn Aug 23, 2009 10:03 PM Flag

    Settlement Possibilities

    I think it is very possible that we see some settlements this week from parties in the 605 case. The most likely candidate is Elpida, but Nanya and some of the others are possible as well. The infringers must expect to lose. They know the other 75% of the industry is already under license and TSRA won the ITC Commission Final determination.

    Put yourselves in their shoes.... would you sign now and try to get a better rate....or would you wait until a General Exclusion Order is in place? I would sign now. I expect that we will see a few of them take that option.



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    • So both ITC and TSRA issued PR in AH. I guess our argument is closed now.

    • Try to follow me here. You said "company will have no other option but to release a PR", this has nothing to do with when the decision comes out. Last time, the decision was posted before a PR was issued. The decision may be posted today, the company DOES NOT have to issue a PR today. They may issue Monday pre-market to spark trading if decision is in their favor. Maybe not. Depends on the decision. Respondents are not going to be in any hurry to issue their own PR if they lose the case. I didn't say the ruling wasn't coming out until Monday, read the post, there's no need to be a jerk about it. Bottom line, neither one of us knows what will happen. Bt based on your history, I'll keep an open mind and elect to ignore you as the all-knowing. Good luck.

    • Listen carefully, cause I'm only telling once:

      TSRA is NOT the only party in this case. There are many OTHER companies involved. They are NOT liking TSRA, becase TSRA is suing them.

      Now if you add these facts together, you can come to conclusion after a while that:

      A. TSRA can't hold back the ruling alone
      B. Nobody will just because you or TSRA would prefer to see it on Monday
      C. ITC deadline is today, therefore it will be on ITC webpage in AH, today

      Got it?

    • The news services release it when they get it. You assume they have it when TSRA does? Not necessarily. If it is posted on the ITC web site today you will see a PR from TSRA. Don't think for a moment that TSRA can't coordinate a timed release for Monday. It may happen today, it may not. If its today, you will return as Mr Know It All, since judging from your posting history seems to be your MO. Its really a shame to have people like you on a msg board that feel compelled to talk down to everyone rather than carry on a civil discussion, but every board needs one and I guess this one is no different.

    • NukeJohn,

      Where is the Elpida & Nanya settlement?

      I really hoped for it! :)

    • Sure, after Bloomberg and all the news services will release it the company will go hiding and not say a word, doing so let the respondenst communicate it. Very realistic scenario, thank you for your suggestion, do you have some stock picks as well?

      Maybe they wait till Tuesday because legally they have 3 days? :)

      You must be kidding.

    • "company will have no other option but to release a PR"

      This is a ridiculous statement. PR is released whenever they feel is the best time strategically to release it. There is absolutely no difference between Friday AH and Monday pre-market. That doesn't mean it won't come out tomorrow, it just doesn't HAVE to.

    • I noticed an error in the post that started this thread. I was talking about possible settlements in the DRAM case (the 337-630 case), not settlements in the wireless case (337-605).

      I don't expect possible settlements in the wireless case until and unless the CAFC denies the stay of the ITC's limited exclusion order. They did deny the emergency stay, but they have yet to rule on the permanent stay.

      For more info on exclusion orders and how the ITC orders are implemented, this is an excellent article.

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      • See NukeJohn, you can do it better.

        You are right on the possibility of a settlement in 605 after the FC rules. QCOM must cave in at one point.

        630 settlement this week: no chance, TSRA will win on Friday and continue litigating the patents in Texas. Easily worth a couple of hundred millions to the bottom line in Texas. After an ITC decision TREBLING is given. Nobody can argue that it wasn't willfull infringement after Friday.

        By the way: I picked quite a lot of shares yesterday at around 25.50, market seems scared of another drop. Remember what happened in the 605 earlier, pps dropped from 17 to 8.50 in minutes. No wonder that not many wants to buy now. If it gets below 25 before Friday I'll buy more.

    • Pipe dream, usual NukeJohn garbage.

      Nobody will settle this late from the 630 case (605 is another story).

      Anyway, settlement would be bad for TSRA in the long run, much better royalty rates can be achieved after the ITC decision, especially if the comission sets the rate.

      All we need is a victory on Friday, and it has a high probability.

    • Assume you are referring to 630 case. I'm not sure about settlements though, if anyone were even sniffing a settlement, the volume and price action wouldn't appear so anemic. Volume is everything right now IMO. With 4 days to go I would expect to see a run into the decision, but it just doesn't appear it will happen.

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