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  • jacosa jacosa Oct 5, 2012 10:03 AM Flag

    Tessera Technologies Incentivizes CEO to Pursue the Possibility of a Spin-Off

    It IS kind of odd-looking. On the other hand, at the very least he'd be CEO of a much smaller company if he sold half or it, and more likely he'd be out of a job. Anyway, we once again have a tiny bit more than the minimum possible information out of the company: the BoD are still of the opinion that the company should be split completely (It's not really important who keeps the Tessera name. Also, since both halves are fundamentally suppliers to industries with several powerful players, a sale of a division to ONE of the players would limit its potential market)

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    • I get your point, Jac, but let's back up a bit and remember just who this particular CEO is... He's not a corporate guy per se. He's an investment banker who's been involved as one of the original venture capital backers. Point being, he wouldn't even be losing half of his potential as a career CEO because he's never been a career CEO...He's always been an interrim kind of CEO here, steering the ship, not setting the course imho....As a venture capitalist it's almost in his genes to be doing exactly this kind of thing as a way of "monetizing" the investment.,,,,

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