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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher May 23, 2010 6:53 PM Flag

    Market SURGE is coming

    do not fear the noise my friends......the BIG picture clearly shows an improving economy and world-wide economy. You now see Taiwan reporting the largest surge in over 30 years and......they are not alone. This market corrected some 10% and it has needed that and it is a natural occurrence in any bull market. NOISE. Tomorrow could be volatile and perhaps we end down 60-125 points......whatever.....who cares. The BIG picture is what is important. If I am wrong and the thing tanks then you have no hope any way as the entire world will collapse into the greatest depression ever seen.......I just don't see that happening - 2% chance maybe but don't believe the doomsayers like Nouriel Roubini and the like - you see these folks come along during any period and they say all kinds of things and then grow even more pessimistic as they believe their own power but alas.........they are proved wrong and they fall off the air ways and are not heard from again for 10-15 years. And don't watch CNBC who are like the weather channel and just love a storm and love to rile you up so you will tune in. All noise my friends all noise. Boolean.

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    • Boo....

      Its time to take the rose colored glasses off.

      The "noise" coming out of Europe is real. There are a half a dozen states there that have the potential to default on their sovereign debt.

      Five major European banks are holding their debt, putting them at risk. The domino effect then kicks in, because the five major U.S. banks are holding debt of those five European banks.

      So, you see, there won't be any surge soon in the stock market, until these issues are resolved.

      One bright spot for us Americans? The surging greenback is resulting in the free fall of oil, putting lower prices at our gas pumps!


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      • YANK= goes to show where your thinking is at.
        This market is being held down for two reasons #1 ANTI DEMS. OBAMA #2 HEADGE FUNDS ARE MAKING A KILLING ON THIS FEAR.
        Need i say more. Buy on the dips and hold on for the long run$$$$$

      • yank - I respectfully disagree with you. Yes the European problems are real but they are also presently taking on more importance than necessary - those other countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy and others will be OK and other more positive issues will come to bear on the market and allow for the SURGE that I am speaking of. We will see 14k on the DOW and GOLD will surpass 1500 an ounce. This summer you are going to begin seeing what I mean......exciting times are coming so do not allow yourself to be swallowed up by the NOISE. And US Treasuries are getting way OVERBOUGHT and are becoming a BUBBLE in their own right. I will not chase bonds like so many fools are now - no way and Treasuries are going to get slammed as the year progresses and the economy's power begins to show its face. Boolean.