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  • forgitaboudit1995 forgitaboudit1995 Apr 9, 2014 9:44 AM Flag

    great time to buy into INVA imo - good entry point

    today we can test those new recent highs from the other day

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    • why would you say that below? they do 20million a year revenue, if you look at the financials you can see that they are always around that number for revenue, also the stock 50day ma is at .0014, and that is where we are at, .0014bid and .0015ask - to buy at the moving average is good because that acts as your support level - which is where we are at right now. In addition, yes, they have loans like any other company, and believe me, there are thousands of companies that submit financials at different times, so that does not mean a whole heck of a lot when trading in the subpennys. Now if Facebook was late, that is news, but not a subpenny, that is common for subpennys. I can show you 100's of 30percent gainers that do not always file timely reports, that sounds like a little bashing to me. IMO this stock is at the 50ma and that is acting as support for a good entry. what makes this stock interesting is that 7million shares are being held on the inside and only 5million shares are in the float. that is a low float and over half of the shares are restricted to be held by the owners so that is really positive. remember we are dealing with subpennys here so of course there is a level of risk but this one has many great runs . . . .

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Are you part of the pump and dump scheme too? Where are the SEC filings that are six months overdue? Who is the new CEO? What's the status of the double-digiti millions of dollars in debt? Why aren't the pumpers sharing any of the facts on those important details?

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      • deon.-
        This is the biggest scam in the markets today.
        More reverse splits bring in new "suckers" and this company can't even get to a penny a share.
        Anyone, including me, who bought this is about as dumb as an investor can get.
        My 2000 shares are now less than 1 share with all the reverse spilits.
        Write this off to a "learning experience" .

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