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  • one_world_one_govt one_world_one_govt May 31, 2008 1:14 PM Flag

    Is MFN being counterfeited?

    Jim Puplava discusses naked shorts of Canadian Miners...A must listen for Jr Stock Investors...Crime of the Century Part II:
    How They Scam Individual Investors..

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    • I've seen alot of unexplainable up and down pops the last few minutes of many days. Interestingly, they didnt talk much about manipulation in the upwards direction during the last few minutes of the day.
      Anyway, thanks for posting the article as it is informative, educational and provides useful information especially when playing around with low volume juniors.

    • James Sinclair has contended for some weeks/months that hedge funds (whether those sponsored by wall street investment banks he doesn't allude)play the major gold producers long and short the juniors. I contended well over a month ago here that Minefinders is a tricky stock for an institution to go long on because of its low number of shares outstanding--it isn't easy for some outfit to accumulate a large number of shares and it isn't easy for a large holder to sell them.
      Eventually (and this is why I'm invested here), retailers who hold will have to ride Minefinders up with the brokerage floor traders and market makers who have covered their short positions or have wrestled the last retailer shares, to the last drop. As far as I'm concerned, hedge funds/floor traders/market makers who sell down to one another are naked SOBs; if you want to see how this is done day after day, week after week, watch the tape for do I see a large number of shares on the bid for MFN--it makes it pretty easy for market makers (brokerages/investment banks...all one now since repeal of Glass Steagal in '99)to sell down to one another without having to worry about some institution stepping in and accumulating their sells.