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  • mwrwilson mwrwilson Jun 9, 2008 3:15 PM Flag

    Who is behind the local unrest?

    Blockade has already ended.. MFN is just working with Federal, and local officials to have a plan in place to try to deal with it swiftly if the protesters start things up again..

    Note that talking to IR today, the outsiders are mostly politically motivated left-wing types, the local community is strongly behind the mine, and in fact the temporary blockade hurt them too, as it's the same road that supplies the village with supplies..

    Hopefully, this is more a bump in the road than a major issue, we'll see..

    Fact is no matter where in the world you try to mine, there's always some opposition to it, and that includes 'safe' countries like the US or Canada..

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    • As I understand, MFN built the locals a brand new village and moved the entire village so that the mine could be built, and it seemed that the new village was a big improvement, and a nice place. Besides that they will offer some good jobs, as well. It would surprise me if the locals weren't behind MFN, since MFN appears to have treated them fairly.

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      • "It would surprise me if the locals weren't behind MFN, since MFN appears to have treated them fairly."


        I think the problem is that only the displaced members of the Ejido got new homes (what a concept) and this caused some envy from those that didn't (ie. they didn't live on the mine site). So you have people that support the company and those that don't within the same Ejido. Having said that, the compensation contract was sign by legal reps from the total Ejido and I guess some money was paid to the total Ejido.

        Also, jobs, both direct and indirect, have been created so the people are definitely better off now than before.

        This brings to mind a situation that I saw some 15 years ago. New manufacture comes to town and offers employment for over 500 people at very attractive wages. Towns folk line up around the block to apply for a job. 10 applicants for every job. Two months later the workers unionize and strike for higher wages. go figure..