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  • one_world_one_govt one_world_one_govt Sep 8, 2008 12:18 PM Flag

    Has MFN Tossed in the Towel?

    Maybe a management change is in order?

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    • It is long overdue. Now it is 'secondary crusher screen'. Right after all new equipment commissioned and ready to use. Another leaching 'in our time' deadline underway.

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      • Not having done this before, perhaps we are watching green management ripen. Just hoping the green stage is coming to closure as surely they have obtained an education over the last couple of years. While I hope they are operationally ripening and maturing , I'm not so sure how well they are ripening from a PR and press release standpoint. I'm glad we heard from them today but way too often I feel like the last to know what is happenning. When you get most of your info from Mexican newspaper translations you cant consider yourself to be a happy and informed stockholder. Would love to see a semi monthly paragraph from Minefinders as we go forward.

    • All there Puplava babies bailing out and looking for an easy ticket. US dollar just blew thru 70 rsi on the weekly and everyone is selling MFN. Some people will never learn.
      This the perfect setup. Nothing has changed - the structural deficit is still in place and US future obligations are going through the roof. A couple of hedge funds in trouble and the buying opp of the next couple of years. Don't be a fool, look at what is going on, don't get caught up in emotion.

      Baily speaks at 2:40 mst.