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  • stdennis44 stdennis44 Dec 18, 2009 8:19 PM Flag

    Find me a better $10 stock

    You gotta admit MFN has never looked better.
    This is almost a mid tier stock now.
    What I like is they produce plenty of Gold and Silver.
    I am not going to predict how high we go in 2010.
    It brings nothing but bad luck.

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    • I dont think this is a well managed company at all....2 years ago this stock was higher than it is today...They always have some excuse as to why they havent met their goals...Look how it has compared to less risky stocks over the last 2 years...^xau;range=2y;compare=mfn;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined

    • GORO,JAG.

    • Mr. Matlack (from Kitco) expects .86 a share in earnings next year. The gold/xau ratio is also in strong buy mode(6+). Unlike many other companies that mine gold and silver, the Dolores mine is in "safe" Mexico. A 15 year mine life sure look's great, when we are already cash flow positive!

    • Right that on valuation basis. I will definitely swap over GORO for MFN when it is $12 vs. $9. I believe MFN is a great bet one year from now too. On the other hand GORO could be the best Gold stock in the world when they get more exploration done.
      WE are on the same page Bill.

    • And I'll add one last final post here. I am about half amazed that a guy with your knowledge of mining refuses to do the most basic DD on a company that projects to be the most successful junior miner in the last 20-30 years. You want even take a peek! This is not like some 20 year off projection, or hype on a newly formed gold miner. This is a company that should sell their first cons in less then a week. It's a mill that's only 1150 tpd, ramp up shouldn't take longer then a month or two if that. Right on the cusp of finding out if this is the next Agnico Eagle...

      Are we to believe that your financial position is just so strong that adding wealth at this point would be greed? lol...just looking out for you warmcamp.

    • Easy big fella...

      What? Is this the second time I have ever mentioned GORO on the MFN board? Maybe the 3rd?...

      The terms of your bet are basically not to discuss GORO on this board which I understand but on the GORO board we discuss all kinds of other juniors including MFN. Nobody seems to get their jealous dander up over there. I am sure there are lots of people that own MFN and GORO like myself. See no reason why we can't discuss things like adults. The prospects for both companies look great to me.

      If you want to say things negative about GORO then you are more then welcome to do so. But I will take your bet because I think it's a lock, how's that?

    • You misunderstand. This coin thing was tbmssz idea and, frankly, I have grave concerns that I would be able to collect my win. Hopefully, you are still able to figure out that I am sure in my win in strong investment terms.
      My suggestion of the wager is easier to enforce and it will also enforce certain logics that seemingly missed in your excitement. I suggest you to re-read the conditions, they are fair, imho. Moreover, in case you missed, it applies to this board only. You will still have GORO.ob board to express yourself in any suitable way. As you hopefully understand I don't care about that place.

    • Why can't you answer my question in starightforward way, i.e. Yes or No?
      I asked you about the bet and I described the wager in clear terms. It will not bring you financial losses and also you seem to be sure in easy win.
      The wager is exclusively about board behavior. Please, consider if you could comply with the conditions, or, at least, explain what is unacceptable to you.

    • GORO will outperform MFN on Hochschild's buying pressure alone. Our mining performance can miss up to half it's target and still earn industry best. I like them odds.

    • Well I didn't place your wager to begin with lol...

      I would take the 1 ounce gold piece wager in a heartbeat...I prefer my freedom of speech :)

      But I would definatly do the coin. I am sure you could get a few more takers and that way it could become meaningful and valuable as the first wager of 1000$ was not. I have a 1 ounce Buffalo mint in my hand and it's yours if you decide to take the bet.

      That would be two 1 ounce coins now. You could get 5 I am sure..ask Rival he will get in on it.!

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