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  • whitesands_8 whitesands_8 May 3, 2011 2:52 PM Flag

    Support at the $14 level

    It looks to me that this pullback will have very strong support at $14 level maybe slight dip under it...That might be a good place for reentry after the breakout that has occurred.

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    • Yup...oops..went a bit lower than I expected but I thought it would be support at $14 or a brief slight brief dip below it...We'll have to wait and see next week...Sometimes you dip below support quite a bit and it slingshots back above it pretty quickly...Not always a guarantee but the probabilities are that it will find buying power pretty soon...If not then it could take some time to work it off

    • oops!?

    • Unless the open interest in May options has changed drastically, then $14 would cost the thieving manipulators $750k more in options exercised than $13...somehow, I don't think $14 will present that much resistance.

      $13.50 target...happens to be very close to the 61.8% retracement from the May and August lows last year.

      sorry to be the bearer of bad news...may be a short bounce up over the next few days...but then next week...kaboom.

      good luck all longs (including me!)


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      • And there it is! 13.60...okay I said 13.50, but it was over $15 at the time!

        This is a BAD SIGN.

        It's still 10 days until May OE and the options haven't changed much. Meaning a a period sub-$13 is now on the cards.

        Before then we might see a bounce to 14.60-14.70...but it'll just be a bounce.


        Hope I'm wrong...I'm a committed long with a $28 target!

        Good luck all longs...don't be fooled by this manipulation and surrender your shares. And be careful trying to call this the bottom.

        just my cynical opinions, dyor