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  • growtheport growtheport Aug 9, 2013 12:01 AM Flag

    AEMD Buy and Hold Investors

    I've seen a few posts from some who have followed the company and owned the stock for a few years. It seems to me they are finally moving forward with very positive news. Why did some of you buy in years ago? And why did you stay in given this hasn't seen $1 in 9 years?

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • I bought in back in 2009, kept buying as the stock was going down. I love companies with 'game changing' technology, but always worry that they will be allowed to develop it all with investors money, then go chapter 11 just in time for some big company to scoop them up for 'free'. I've seen it happen so many times to companies with a great vision. That was my only concern with aemd, not their tech, which to me seems like a no brainer. Now with Battelle supporting them (folks, go back and read my 3 battelle posts, including the 'who the hell is battelle' post that seems to not have been seen), i have great confidence that this company will finally be able to see its technology thru to its fruition. When a company that has brought compact disks, cruise control in cars, and Xerox into existence, supports your company or product, its time to do a happy dance. I personally see the 'day after selloff' as one of our final buying opportunities. People (day traders?) swooped in when they saw volume and movement, happy to pocket a few G's in profit, in my humble estimation, will cry when they see the massive profits they could have made if they stuck with this for the longterm. That said, I guess some savvy investors that sold and bought immediately back, are feeling kinda smug today, but what happens if this moves bigtime again very shortly, now you're no longer sitting on a long term gain with smaller tax consequences, you're giving half of it to the feds.
      As always, Good Luck to All!

    • I can only tell for myself: I went in about 6 years ago and kept it until now. Averaged down several times. There was always some hope that the company can and will do it. The product seems exceptional and I know some dear people who are waiting for it since years because of their health.But as it took so long I decided to write everything off . So it actually doesn't matter what happens and what I get. I just take it as gift.
      Also must be said that on this board were always some very good comments of some boardmembers.It was really helpful not to quit definitely. Thanks and good luck to everybody.

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