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    In closing, it is our sincere hope to reward shareholders whose support never wavered, even in the face of material setbacks and the clinical uncertainty of whether FDA would permit Hemopurifier® studies in the United States. As a result of this support, we have an opportunity to advance our therapeutic platform into a wide-range of life-threatening disease conditions.

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    • Just seems like more technical babble to me. I am still waiting for some real news that is hopefully coming soon.

    • Welcome to the world of investing, you never know what can happen. Maybe you will be happier with a large cap stock.

    • we need a close above .21, then were off to old highs. i might add after pass old highs.

    • others are fast closing in
      not much time left

    • Well, I guess I'm in there too since I haven't sold a single share, on that you'll have to take me at my word. What you say is doomsday, I would politely rebut as asking solid questions. Over the years, I have tried to engage other posters by asking basic questions: is the hemopurifier affordable for poorer countries? Based on the fact it hasn't caught on in Africa for Dengue Fever or India (to date) for Hep C, I have to wonder. How much longer will this take given the Reader's Digest said 1-2 years and it's been 6-7 with a long way to go to commercialization. Will people who can take a great drug for Hep C now bother (unless their insurer would make them) with blood filtration? What happened to large markets such as HIV and bioterrorism? I'm sure many say they're still viable options but the focus has been everywhere at times.

      I'll give you some positives: Dr. Taylor seems like the real deal here. I'm good with the collaborations so far in the last several years, they seem of substance. I trust the most recent 8-K can possibly mean that the audit will not be qualified at fiscal year end but I'm not sure of that. Adjunct therapy for possibly Hep C and maybe other forms of Hepititis is realistic but it's on faith that it's probable. We may get a boost from our competitor in the exosome space in that whatever positives with financing they achieve, it may reflect well derivatively on us. That is, what they do, is projected that we could do too (preferred share financing, possible IPO with the cancer sub someday, etc.) But the clock is ticking and shares are flowing. It was inevitable that share count would reach a few hundred million but whether it should have been this soon is up for debate. Unlike the boosters, I didn't criticize the Indian doctor on Hep C. He had a personal loss and I understood that; the boosters did not. Maybe it's because I actually took the time to research.

      I trust all that makes sense. Naysayer? Maybe more realist...

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      • Yes indeed it has been a long haul. That being said I say this and yes have made the mistake myself. Loosing patience and selling just before it takes off. So now when I feel like that I remind myself that their is another person getting worried they my miss an opportunity... Anyway this mindset a "contrarian" does work.
        Of course the Co. in question has to be worthy of you patience. I believe Aethlon Medical is such a Co.
        I hope this helps.

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