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  • longbullinvestor longbullinvestor Dec 10, 2002 4:37 PM Flag

    Dividend Explanation

    Im new to playing the yield on stocks. Can someone help me understand the dividend process and what the significant dates are for NLY? I've heard diffent opinions on record dates, ex-div dates, etc and would like to know what the actual dividend process is. I'm assuming its buy and settle before the ex-div date, but how long do I have to keep the holding to get the payout? And lastly, whats the next set of dates?

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    • sitting here over X-mas holidays talking of his past ......

      turns out he was the FIRST American pilot to eject from a US plane with a Martin Baker jet powered exit system to survive ..........

      he was flying an F9-F at the time ...... every 2 years afterwards , he was invited to a survivors ball in London . Martin Baker people flew over from london to interview him and still has the Martin Baker tie they presented them ...........

    • Means the aircaft is sitting on the ground - "zero" altitude and "zero speed". Tough escape parameter since you don't have the benifit of aircraft speed to inflate the seat's drouge chute.

    • << This also included zer0-zero ejections. >>

      what does that mean if i may ask ?

    • << My own father flew C-130 transports...much less demanding than fighters...nevertheless, over time, adrenaline wastes the nerves >>

      my youngest brother graduated Air Force Academy 10 years ago .... in his last year , they picked up he was slightly color blind which disqualified him from figher flying so he went transport flying instead ....... he is attached to a refueling group in NJ currently..... was sent over when Afghan war started to do refueling which was critical given those nasty savages in Saudi Arabia would not let us fly from there so we did mostly bombing from jets off carriers and refueling was important ..... he watched ALOT of action go on ........ when the one refueling plane crashed during the war , my heart was in my throat for a few hours til i found out it was a plane only Marines flew ...

      he just signed on for another 10 years....they gave him $100k in cash to do so.
      most get out by now because civilain flying still so more lucrative but he likes it ......

      the next youngest in my family was an Air Force flight surgeon ....... flew almost daily.....she had some sort of bizarre seizure while in North Korea which they still don't understand ...... she believes she was exposed to some sort of weird virus/germ or possibly inhaled some sort of chem-bio ......
      they thought she was a goner....flew my parents to Seoul from LA immediately as they wanted somebody in family to see her before she died ....... she recovered (mainly because she is a brilliant athlete) and they let her go and she's now doctor in Denver ..... she just finished running a 50 mile race.....did it in 8 hours ...... it'll take more than a virus to stop her..........

    • earl,

      Very envious of the aircraft you were able to fly, but certainly not under the conditions you were flying them, my hat is off to you there.

      I have been a modern day pilot since '65 and would so much like to get my hands on some warbirds. Did get the opportunity to right seat a B-17 for about 20 minutes and take the stick and rudders in a AT-6 for half an hour plus a 3 hr. ride in a B-24, nothing real like you experienced for so many many hours. My son has a couple of times come close to buying a B-25, probably will yet.

      What did you fly mostly?


    • FWIW, I particpated in designinf the F-14 Tomcat ejection system at Grumman Aero. We had a 100% success rate for the first 10 years that I was there. This also included zer0-zero ejections.

    • <<like i said , the training pilot in my father's plane ejected at same time my dad did and got cut in half because the seat went up at slight angle and hit edge of canopy ....>>

      BD, I believe that's exactly why the later designs have rails on them.

      Military pilot's lives seem glamorous, as in the Top Gun movie, but the human toll is horrific. My father-in-law flew in Korea then later Nam...of 100+ in his flight class there were 3 left by 1972. My own father flew C-130 transports...much less demanding than fighters...nevertheless, over time, adrenaline wastes the nerves.

      Well, enough of this sad topic. Seasons Greetings to all...specially to those who will be on-duty while we're comfy at home...the military, the police, the firemen, ER & hospital personnel, power plant and refinery operators,'s a long list.

      G'evening all, g'luck investing. k_f.

    • << Does that mean you're related to this guy Bernard Lynch in this info from NOVA? >>

      nope but i believe that IS the company in England.....

      i believe my father was the first pilot saved under live conditions (ie not a practice ejection)..............

      << Initially, pilots were wary of these explosive seats. They did not like the idea of being human cannon balls.>>

      like i said , the training pilot in my father's plane ejected at same time my dad did and got cut in half because the seat went up at slight angle and hit edge of canopy ....

    • " was in Navy in Tonkin Gulf for 3 tours on carrier. Analyzed photos from our bomb runs inland . Our reports were written on fill-in-the-blank forms to emphasize fictious casualties. The war sucked, the Navy sucks, Navy pilots suck ( They were all drunken, gambling, womanizing a--h---s."

      You SOB, I never gambled! Joe

    • Don't recall telling you you didn't know about pilots. I've known a few myself. But then I wasn't the one reffering to them as a** h****.

      We often forget that millions of men served in WW2 and hundreds of thousands served in Vietnam. Not only were not all of them heroes, some were not very nice people. And a lot of those A** h**** were other than pilots or generals.

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