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  • yando1946 yando1946 Dec 6, 2004 12:35 PM Flag

    rates - spreads

    hotrrend says:

    I can't say when it will happen but it will.
    Hence, the options hedge I hold on the stock.
    As they say love is blind.

    I must admit that it is a safe stock to hold as once rates rise they will eventually fall again. I like the stock, just not now. A better entry point is comming.

    We are talking over 70% in ARMS and 80 % AAA. We are talking an incredibly transparent and nimble managment team with major holdings in Annaly. We are talking a dividend that at most will temporarily shrink in a very minor way if at all. For those who are long and collect dividends, we aren't much concerned unless the whole economy goes to hell in a hand basket and then we all would wish we owned a lot of Gold.

    Is it a good time to buy--with dividends still above 10%, that is mighty healthy compared to much higher risk for that level of return. You can wait for it to drop, but all those who were claiming it was going back to 16 or even 17 and buy then might be waiting for Godot. Timers are statistcially losers. They get lucky once in while and think they are geniuses--but the law of averages along with all the friction on taxes and some level of commissions means they never do as well as they think they do even when they hit the timing right.

    Again read Grant in Forbes at:

    Grant is one tough customer in terms of saying kind words about most any investment. Holding because I already own a bunch--if I didn't own any I would be buying around 19 if it drops down there again.

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