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  • yando1946 yando1946 Dec 27, 2004 5:53 PM Flag

    NLY and NFI

    Jaye inresponse to you post below:

    take a look at the 3 here..... and suppose you have $1000 to spend on one and look for the best return via divi....

    NFI - $1000 divide by $51/share = 20 shares x $1.40/share dividend = $28.

    NLY - the same calc results in $25 in dividends.

    IMH - $1000 divide by $20/share = 50 shares x $ .75/share = $32.50 in dividends.

    My money/$1000 would go to IMH. Food for thought only.
    IMH in fact looks better at first glance in terms of dividends --but the charts and your figures don't calculate the special divvy that NFI just annouced of $1.25. Assuming that all your figures were for quarterly dividends: one divides the announced bonus dividend $1.25 by 4 for an extra 31.25 cents per share per quarter. So the NFI figure becomes $1.7125 per share. The math then is:

    NFI - $1000 divide by $51/share = 20 shares x $1.7125/share dividend = $34.25 in dividends per quarter.

    Now in fact I did a bit better than that since I bought my shares at $42.60 per share and wish I had bought more. The folks who bought when it was at it's low of $28 due to the huge short attack last April of course made a killing in both dividends and pps.

    Managment has just annouced that next year they intend to maintain the basic quarterly $1.40 per share along with bonuses.

    I would have preferred knowing what is coming down the pike in terms of dividends, but I would also assume that the bonus dividends to be announced whenever will keep shorts a bit off balance.

    I will in fact take a closer look at IMH for future investment possibility. Thanks for the feedback.

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