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  • gto40040 gto40040 Sep 8, 2009 7:35 PM Flag

    65 cents

    outta my ass

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    • "outta my ass"

      What else would you expect from an A S S H O L E like gto40040=cereal6offender=gr8trfooltheory?

      First he "declares" a dividend of .65 without mentioning that this is just his own idea, and then when somebody asks him where he got that number, he says "outta my ass".

      Folks, this guy is one revolting, disgusting idiot that won't go away, no matter how much he is hated here. The best you can do is put the following IDs on ignore (they are all the same guy as revealed in the recent past by his own slip ups):


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      • I got one of them wrong (typo).

        The correct IDs to put on ignore are:


        They are all one annoying poster who won't leave even though nobody here wants him here. And what's funny is that he once said that he couldn't understand why sid would want to be somewhere she is not wanted. Go figure. This guy is either in denial or just plain clueless. Probably a bit of both, considering the fact that he was bashing nly back in March when it was in the $13s.

        He's a very annoying human being. And he likes it. That's why he would call himself something like cereal6offender.

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