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  • i_outed_you i_outed_you Sep 9, 2009 6:26 PM Flag

    65 cents

    Actually gto40040 is an idiot who is so frustrated because he can't figure out who outed him and his cereal6offender and gr8rfooltheory IDs that he has to console himself by thinking he knows that it is chris12karen. It is obvious to anyone else here with half a brain that my writing style is way different than chris12karen's.

    It drives him nuts that he can't figure out who I am! And actually he is quite impressed that somebody was able to figure out not two but three of his IDs. Actually four IDs if you count his fasstcarman ID which he retired because he was so embarrased after he bashed nly in the 13s and 14s when he was short the stock. It actually amazes him and almost gives him a hard on when he wonders how I could know so much about him! He would be STUNNED if he knew who I was! Heck, I might even be one of his old gay lovers who reamed him up the ass when he played his preferred female role in the relationship!

    He'll never know. But I'll continue to smack him around as long he continues to act like an a s s h o l e towards other posters who don't deserve the nasty crap he slings at them. If he ever cuts the crap and decides to become a civil human being, I'll get off his case and might even tell him who I am.

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