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  • varia_nada varia_nada Jul 26, 2011 1:59 AM Flag

    The pain.

    He can not not lead. He mentally has not risen from a community activist to become a president to lead. I have not seen a US president bashing his opposition party so relentlessly from day one like Obama does, he is the president of Democrate party ONLY, not of all the American people. The country is equally devided, everytime he vilifies the Republican party, he does so to half of the American people. A few days ago I wrote a reply to a post,in an attempt to encourage toning down partisan rhetoric at this critical juncture, fostering a sense of national unity to work together solving this debt crisis, but watching Obama stage performance of nothing more than just one blame game after another, I want to speak up. Mr.Obama: If you can not put country first, If you are not willing to sacrifice your partisan or personal ego, if you can not make tough choices to lead, you should RESIGN !!!

    A good orator you might be, flowery speeches flowing from your mouth, but I'd rather have a doer than a talker.

    The media has done a terrific job in fooling the people by most of the time only telling Obama/Dem side of the story. It plays a huge role in misleading if not blindfolding us from knowing the other side of the coin, disable the people to analize the pro and con that affect the welfare of the country hence their lives, they block us learning our mistakes from history which is unfolding. It is unforgivable that ones call themselves as reporters or media entity while all they do is bias reporting and cover ups. Wake up media, you have the tools to empower your own people with knowlege of facts, based on them to make good judgement to participate in deciding the future of the country, or would you rather be just a crook or lier letting your country go down the tube?

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