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  • nickspinner Oct 5, 2011 9:57 AM Flag

    How do we get Obama & Biden to quit?

    The Dow would be at 50,000 now if it weren't for the Dumbocraps (the parasite party) and its statist, collectivist, and socialist policies.

    • Nickspinner, you are as dumb as Bush.Remember where the markets were when President took over?In the toilet.We were in the FWB depression.Bush can't even leave the country for fear of being arrested and tried for war crimes.You are nothing but a crazy KKK/teabagger/GOP freak.

    • Nickspinner you are a dumb teabagger/KKK/GOP person.Remember what the market was when President Obama took over?It was in the toilet like the rest of the country.That lying murdering Bush should be tried for treason.
      FYI:Bush and Chaney can't leave the US for fear of being arrested and tried for war crimes.

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